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Rachel Lewis is a minor character in the Rodrick Rules (film) and one of Rodrick Heffley's friends.

She went to his party where she and her friend can be seen amongst the girls who are getting bored. While Rodrick and his friend argue over which one of them is going to ask the girls to dance so that they won't leave, Rowley started a conga line and Rachel can be seen among the people who join it.


  • It is possible Rachel was Rodrick's girlfriend or crush.
  • If she was his girlfriend it is most likely she would have ended their relationship at the party when Rodrick tried to impress her friend.
  • People often confuse Rachel with Heather Hills which led to a theory that Heather was Rodrick's girlfriend but it was Rachel. Heather and Rachel are both portrayed by Melissa Roxburgh.
  • In the book Rodrick Rules, Rachael Lewis could possibly be the girl who is sitting next to Rodrick in the seat looking bored.