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Principal for the Day is a PTA auction item where the winner pretends to take charge of school for a few hours. It appears in No Brainer where Greg Heffley believes it to be pointless since the winner doesn’t have any actual power.

Much to the dismay of Greg, Susan tries outbidding everyone for the prize and it ultimately comes down to her and Mrs. O'Malley. Since they both had a rivalry over each other for PTA secretary, this bidding war becomes personal to them and eventually Mrs. O'Malley relinquishes, causing Susan to win. Greg begs Susan to allow him not to attend school to be in charge, but since it cost her a fortune, she dismisses it.

Greg figures that Mr. Bottoms would at least let him to join him for a couple hours and do the morning announcements but he instead just gave him the necessary supplies to be principal before quickly departing. While signing off checks, Greg gets reported to the boy's bathroom for a sink being dismantled off the wall and he has to accede to a bunch of the janitor's working demands in order to get them to repair it. Greg gets tasked with dealing with the school’s biggest troublemakers but since he is afraid of confronting them the next day, he sends them back with a lollipop. This causes students to misbehave in order to get sent to his office.

The secretary reports Greg to the weekly school staff meeting and he quickly figures out that this was going to be tedious. The staff promptly starts listing their complaints about the school and Greg has to establish a rule where they have to hold a school stapler to talk. However, Greg has to try out a different approach of choosing who to speak since the staff starts fighting over the staplers. Greg calls on Mrs. Shelburn first who complains about Ms. Pritchard receiving a new computer instead of her. This causes them to both fight about it and when Greg tries to resolve the issue by instructing them to split the laptop in half because he thought one would then allow the other to keep it, they take the statement literally and actually do it.

Once the school staff meeting ends, Greg gets reported to a special assembly where he, as the principal, has to kiss a pig as part of one of the auction prizes. By then, Greg has enough of being in charge and so he leaves a note on the secretary's desk, permitting him to leave early.[1]




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