Name Princess
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Actor None
Film Appearance? No
Online Appearance? Yes (as Stevie)
Book Appearance? Yes

Princess is the pet dog of the Fullers (Mr. and Ms. Rose in the online version). Greg is tasked with looking after Princess whilst his owners were away for the summer. However, Princess refused to go to the bathroom when Greg took her outside, and this lead to her doing it inside when Greg was gone. Greg eventually came up with a strategy. He would wait until the very last day before the Fullers arrived back, and clean up the mess Princess had accumulated all through the house. However, the Fullers had cut their holiday short and arrived back a day early without Greg's awareness, so none of Princess's mess had been cleaned up. Princess is the book counterpart of Stevie.



  • Princess and Stevie look identical to each other.

See Also

  • Stevie, the name in the online book.
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