Name Princess
Age Unknown
Gender Unknown
Actor None
Film Appearance? No
Online Appearance? Yes (as Stevie)
Book Appearance? Yes

Princess (also known as Stevie in the online book) is a dog belonging to a couple named the Fullers. She appears in Rodrick Rules.

When her owners go on vacation during the summer, they normally put Princess in a kennel. The summer prior to the events of the book, the Fullers hire Greg Heffley to take care of Princess during their vacation by feeding and walking her. However, Princess often defecates in the foyer of the house, as she is gun-shy about going to the bathroom while she is outside in front of strangers. Greg initially cleans up after her but eventually decides it will be more efficient to let the mess pile up and clean it out all at once, so he lets her do business in the foyer for two weeks.

The day before the Fullers are due back, Greg goes to the house to clean up, only to find that the Fullers have cut their trip short and arrived home a day early.


  • Her owners were originally named the Roses in the online book.


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