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Preston Platypus is a fictional series of books which appeared in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Wrecking Ball and is written by an unknown author that Susan read to both Manny and Greg. Greg said that one of the books, Preston Platypus Says Farewell to a Friend bothered him so much he wanted to write an angry letter to whoever wrote it because Preston just forgot about his best friend, and nothing was known about him after. He also got tired of the stories always having the same basic formula (Preston being worried about something, his mother said it will all be good and she turns out to be right.), so he created his own endings at the back and one of them ended up with him being forced to see a counselor after Susan saw it one day likely because of the implication that Preston got mauled to death by a lion. Additionally, one day he found all the books in Susan's closet and believes he probably shouldn't have done that because it turned him into a nervous wreck resulting in a dead tree falling on his house's deck after not wanting a dead tree to be cut down when he read the book where Preston experienced the same thing though unlike the Heffley's tree, Preston's tree was cut down. [1][2]

List of Known Books in the Series[]

  • Preston Platypus Says Good-bye (About Preston going to a funeral.)
  • Preston Platypus Gets a New Babysitter (About Preston getting a new babysitter.)
  • Preston Platypus Trick-or-Treats (About Preston going trick or treating.)
  • Preston Platypus Goes to the Dentist (About Preston going to the dentist.)
  • Preston Platypus Goes to the Zoo (About Preston going to the zoo.)
  • Preston Platypus Says Farewell to a Friend (About Preston missing his best friend while moving to a new neighborhood.)
  • Preston Platypus Cuts It Down (About having to deal with a tree that was being cut down in their yard.)



  • This book is maybe a parody of the Froggy, Heidi Heckelbeck, and Franklin the Turtle/Benjamin Bear books.
  • In Wrecking Ball, when Manny jumps onto his pile of toys, a Preston Platypus plush is seen on the left on the pile.


Greg's Fanfiction[]


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