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Prentice Lane is a street located one street over Surrey Street near Gramma's house which makes its only appearance in Cabin Fever.[1]

When Greg was trying to make money by plowing people's entrance ways, he decided he had too much history with the people in his neighborhood and went over to Prentice Lane to look for someone who needed their driveway to be plowed. He first knocks on Mrs. Melcher's door in the corner, who invited him inside for a chat. After she tells Greg that her son was coming over to plow her driveway, Greg leaves in frustration, knowing that he had wasted an hour of his time.

He continues to knock on people's doors but none of them answer, most likely due to them being at work. Greg finally finds a guy who was willing to pay him 5 bucks if he plows his driveway. However, Greg couldn't get any work done because it started to snow again so he went to his grandma's house and tried to use her lawn mower as a snow mower.

After that fails, Greg notices the guy had a garden hose attached to his house and used it to melt the snow. He sped up the process further using the guy's sprinklers. The guy paid him the 5 bucks and Greg continued searching for more people that are home. Greg couldn't find anyone else so he headed back to Prentice Lane but saw the guy that he had just sprinkled his driveway tripped over in his frozen driveway. Frank later made Greg melt the guy's driveway using 5 bags of rock salt.




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