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Yusef passed the ball to Preet, who was better on ONE leg than the rest of us on TWO.
Greg Heffley narrating the final match against the Funky Dunkers

Preet Patel is a middle school student and a skilled basketball player who ends up on Greg Heffley's basketball team. He makes his debut in Big Shot, where he is shown on the book's title page and has a smaller appearance in the animated adaptation of Rodrick Rules. Preet lives with his father Dhruv Patel, who taught him everything he knows about basketball.


Big Shot[]

During a teachers-students game of basketball Preet dominated a lot. Preet planned to go to the try outs of a middle school's basketball team, but he had to go to his uncle's funeral that same day so he missed the try outs and the rules were that if you miss the try outs you could not make it into a team. This made Patel who was also going to coach the team resign make a whole new team, just so Preet could get in. During the first practice, which was in an elementary school, Patel punished everyone but Preet by making them run sprints because they kept making mistakes. During the second practice, a group of men entered into the court and said that they had to get off it as they had the hall booked at 9:30. Both teams decided to play a match and whoever would win, would win the court. Every time Preet would get the ball the men would close up on him. Finally, Preet dodged them and was heading for a dunk, but he fell and broke his ankle. In the next Practice Preet showed up in Crutches, and said he'll have to be out for the rest of the season. At the end of the season Patel resigned from the team, so Susan decided to replace him and change the team's name to the Huskies. Susan signed the team into the Second Chance Tournament and changed their name again to the Winter Dogs, because the name 'Huskies' was already taken. Patel and Preet came to cheer, but Susan said that she didn't need cheerleaders but players and asked Preet if he would be willing to play the game, and he said yes. Preet starred and scored a lot that night, the problem was that every time Preet would score the other team would get the ball and score too, so the score was basically tied. When one of the players got injured in the rival team, the Funky Dunker's coach wanted to get give up, but Susan wanted to win fairly and rejected this offer, she traded Greg Heffley to the other team to make it fair. Unexpectedly at the last seconds of the match when the score was tie, Greg went for a backwards three pointers shot and got it in. As a result, Preet and his team lost the game and they along with Susan and Patel can be seen watching Greg and the Funky Dunkers enjoying the ice cream they won with Susan deeply regretting their decision.

Rodrick Rüles (2022 film)[]

According to a pamphlet that shows all of the acts at the Talent Show, he scores some hoops in act two.[1]


  • Preet Patel and his father are presumably of Gujarati or other Indian or South Asian descent, due to their names and to a lesser extent their appearances and Preet is the third Indian character, the first 2 being Musti and Chirag. Preet is a Indian name meaning "love".
  • It's possible that Preet is related to Musti Patel, as they have the same last name. However, this is unlikely, as Musti is a character who appears solely in the online book, while Preet appears only in the books, not to mention that Patel is a very common Indian last name.
  • Preet Patel's name sounds very similar to the British MP Priti Patel, but it's highly unlikely his name is a reference to her.




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