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Precious Poochie is the titular character of a fifty year old comic of the same name. the comic material has being reused after the death of Eldridge Perro, the comic's developer. His character is targeted to senior citizens as they can relate to Poochie's struggle to understand new technologies.

In the first out of two only known comics, Poochie couldn't get what's all the hype over the phonograph that he's standing on. His image can also be seen on a picket sign when four busloads of seniors from Leisure Towers came over to the Daily News in order to protest over the newspaper's decision to cancel the Precious Poochie comics.[1]

In the second known comic, Poochie's master wanted Poochie to walk to park but Poochie got tired so they decided to go by bicycle and the master got tired.



Dog Days[]

Do It Yourself Book[]


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