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Precious Poochie is a comic written by Eldridge Perro that is printed in the newspaper, Daily News, the same place where Li'l Cutie is printed. The comic is at least fifty years old and has a big senior audience. It is about a dog named Poochie and his daily adventures, many of which involve him discovering new objects such as two wheelers or phonograph devices. Daily News has to constantly recycle the comics due to the author being long dead.

Sometime around the events of Dog Days the newspaper tries to cancel the comic but four busloads of senior citizens from Leisure Towers showed up their office downtown and didn't leave until it was confirmed Precious Poochie was here to stay. Because of this the newspaper made a rule where comics featuring animals will not be permitted in an ad searching for a cartoonist to replace Li'l Cutie.[1]


  • It is an anachronism by saying a phonograph is new-fangled, as it is a fifty year old comic. Phonographs were really invented over 130 years ago by Thomas Edison and nobody uses them these days.
    • This could be that the comics themselves take place in the late 1800s or Greg just doesn't know how old the comics really are.



Dog Days[]

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