Precious Poochie is a comic written by Eldridge Perro in Greg's local newspaper that is more than fifty years old (given that Poochie referred to a phonograph as "new-fangled" and that the comics are always in black-and-white or in sepia) with the author of the comic passing away a long time ago. It is about a dog named Poochie and his day-to-day adventures, many of which involve him discovering new objects. It was taken away from the newspaper so it can be replaced with a better strip, but just then many senior citizens went to the editor's offices and started protesting and saying that they want the comic book ("Poochie is our pet!"); the editor gave up and had to get the comic back.


  • It is a factual error saying a phonograph is new-fangled, as it is a fifty year old comic. Phonographs were really invented over 130 years ago and nobody uses them these days.
    • This could be that the comics themselves take place in the late 1800's.
  • There have been many real-life comics that have continued long after the creator's death, such as Peanuts, which still appears in newspapers, despite Charles Schultz's death back in 2000. 



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