Precious Poochie is a comic written by Eldridge Perro in Greg's local newspaper that is more than fifty years old (given that Poochie referred to a phonograph as "new-fangled") with the author of the comic passing away a long time ago. It is about a dog named Poochie and his day-to-day adventures, many of which involve him discovering new objects. It was taken away from the newspaper, but just then many senior citizens went to the editor's offices and started protesting and saying that they want the comic book ("Poochie is our pet!"); the editor gave up and had to get the comic back.

Precious Poochie's status as a long runner, even after the author's death, is a reference to the comic strip, Peanuts.


  • It is a factual error saying a phonograph is new-fangled even if it is a fifty year old comic. As phonographs are invented over 130 years ago.