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The Popularity List ranks all the students of Larry Mack Junior Middle School by popularity according to Greg Heffley. The list mainly appears in the live-action adaptation of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, where it is detailed exactly which spots several characters are. The concept is also incorporated in the online book into Slam Book.

Greg Heffley is the only known person to lose spots on the list; he was in 19th and 72nd until being beaten by Patty Farrell and Fregley, which sent him to the 202nd spot.

List of members[]

The following is a breakdown of the known members of the list in the movie and their movements on it, if applicable.

Popularity List
# Name
1 Bryce Anderson (Falls to number 2 after Greg Heffley rises to 1 spot in Rodrick Rules, then top spot is taken by Fregley; Unknown what happens next).

Holly Hills (around 2-4)

3 Bryce Anderson's goon (II)
4 Rowley Jefferson (final)

Holly Hills (around 2-4)

5-18 not known
19 Greg Heffley (initially; he later falls to 72 and then 202 and then number 1; Rowley briefly gets this raalls to 142)
22 Jason Brill
31 Charlie Davies (online)

Greg Heffley (online)

34-49 not known
50 Darren Walsh ie Davies (book)

Greg Heffley (book)

54-55 not known
72 Greg Heffley g to 202)
73 Ricky Fisher
74 not known
75 Darren Walsh
76-128 not known
129 Tyson Sanders
130-142 not known
143 Chirag Gupta (later)
144-149 not known
150 Rowley Jefferson (later; he ends up rising to 19 and then 7)
151 Lionel James
152 not known
153 Preston Mudd
154 Rowley Jefferson (later; he ends up rising to 19 and then 7)

Rowley Jefferson (book)

156-185 not known
186 Otha Harris
187-191 not known
192 Archie Kelly
193 D.J. Harold
194 not known
195 Chris Carney
196-197 not known
198 Darren Walsh (later)
199 199th position girl
200 200th position boy
201 Fregley (rises to top spot in Hard Luck)
202 Greg Heffley (rises to number 1 in Rodrick Rules)