Poetry Anthology is a book that was used by Greg for the National Poetry Council. At first Susan was excited and Greg was too about getting included when he got the letter, and got the idea of being a poet and started to dress differently at school. It turned out that it was a big JOKE because it was thousands of pages long and all of the poems are really tiny print. It took half an hour for Greg to find his name, which was spelled wrong anyway. It also contained that some poems looked like they were written by five-year-olds there, which made it obvious anyone could get their poem included, making the "Nation's best work" a scam. Each book cost $80. Susan bought 10 copies for the family to have and a few extra copies for Greg to give to his kids one day. The Council also keeps sending the Heffley Family letters, asking them to buy more books and copies. Susan eventually realized it was a huge scam.



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