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Plainview Municipal Pool is the local town pool in Plainview throughout the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. It has many different sections each containing a pool and different activities like swimming practice and Water Jazz.


Rodrick Rules[]


Dog Days[]

The town pool was first mentioned when Greg states his mom keeps trying to get him to go to the town pool with Manny Heffley. Last year Greg swore to himself he would never go to that place again due to the locker room being the only path to the pool where you are forced to walk by naked grown man showering in the open. [1]

Dog Days132

On the Fourth of July Susan made the whole family go to the town pool. When they got to the place Greg tried to get past the locker room as quick as possible but the people taking a shower were really chatty and had to go through the experience again because Susan left her sunglasses in the car. The scene at the pool were extremely crowed and only clear out whenever the lifeguard calls a fifteen-minute rest break which according to Greg was suppose to give the adults time to enjoy the pool themselves. Greg recalls swimming in the baby pool during the rest breaks before he knew the kids were peeing in there. The deep end was the only place that wasn't crowded where the diving boards were. Greg haven't near the deep end since he was eight years old because Rodrick Heffley tricked him into going to the top of the diving board and pushed him because he was trying to get Greg to "conquer" his fears.[2]

Dog Days148

The next day Greg looked through the photos his mom had taken and notices a lifeguard whom he recognizes as Heather Hills and couldn't believed he didn't see her because it was so crowded. The next day Greg got Susan to take him back to the pool with the goal of getting a high school girlfriend. Greg went to the pool area to see if Heather was on duty but first makes a stop in the bathroom. He covers himself in suntan oil then did some push-ups to make his muscles pop. While he was flexing at himself in the mirror a guy in a stall called him out then Susan. Greg went out and starts scanning the lifeguard stand and sees Heather on deck. Greg went under her chair and would say something verbal every once in a while as well as being a servant. Every time Heather walks to her next station so will Greg but every fourth time he would sit in front of Susan and would get embarrass.

Dog Days152

This went on for a week and during one of the days Greg made his mom take a picture of him standing next to Heather. But Susan was having trouble snapping a photo and got interrupted by Barbara for five minutes. By the time Susan was ready Heather moved on to her next shift. After a while Greg notices he'll have to get his own transportation because relying on his mother was starting to become a problem as she doesn't want to go to the pool everyday and only stays for a few hours. Greg ended up getting a bike that left out by a curb to solve his problem.

Dog Days158.2

Just a few days later the bike's front wheel popped off and had to resort back to Susan. When they arrived, Susan told Greg he had to take Manny with him through the locker because he's getting too old to go through the woman's room with her. Because he went everywhere with his mother Manny had never been in a men's bathroom before and was really curious about everything in the locker room and Greg had to stop him from using the urinal as a sink and get him out of the shower room which traumatized Greg so much that when a kid threw up behind Heather's chair he gave up being a servant even when Heather looked at him like she was waiting for him to clean it up.[3]

The pool is in two photos in Susan's album. The first one shows Greg getting away from a shower guy and the second was the picture Susan had taken when Greg wanted a picture with Heather. [4]

Double Down[]

In a flashback in Double Down, Rodrick told Greg that if he wore camouflage, he is invisible to everyone else, in which after sneaking into the girl´s changing room ended up getting Greg banned from the pool for the rest of the summer.

The Getaway[]

In The Getaway, Greg mentions that one time, when they were at the pool, Rodrick told him that if he peeked over the breeze-block wall he could see into the Ladies Locker room. Greg believed him, but it turns out he was lying and Greg has been trying to wipe that image from his mind ever since.

No Brainer[]



Dog Days[]


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