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You should come with me to the country club! It's really fun and you get to be outside all day.
Rowley Jefferson to Greg Heffley

Plainview Heights (unnamed in the books) is a country club located in Plainview that appears in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. It contains a tennis field, a hot tub, a sauna, and a pool, and more.

The Jefferson family and the Hills family are the only known members. Members can also have one guest come in with them. This was also where Heather Hills' Sweet 16 was held at.


The Last Straw[]

At the end of the book, Greg Heffley mentions Rowley's family belongs to a country club and are only allowed to bring two guests to the pool every day. He plans to use this knowledge to steal Trista to his side before Rowley Jefferson could. [1]

Dog Days[]

Greg states he and Rowley would go to the country club during the summer almost every day. They tried to invite Trista but almost immediately ditches them after she met a lifeguard. [2]

Greg also started to notice the quality going down like how the sauna was too hot, and one time the poolside waiter forgot to put a mini umbrella in Greg's smoothie. Greg reports all his complaints Robert Jefferson. Greg eventually wasn't allowed to be invited anymore. [3]

Dog Days46

Robert at the Heffley's front door with a country club bill

During a meeting of the Reading Is Fun Club, Mr. Jefferson interrupts the meeting and shows Susan Heffley an 83-dollar country club bill from all the fruit smoothies Greg and ordered at the clubhouse. Greg says whenever he and Rowley would order a drink, they would just put down Mr. Jefferson's account number on the tab because nobody told them they had to pay for all of that. This bill caused the suspension of the Reading Is Fun Club and would force Greg and Rowley to come up with a way to pay it all back.[4]

On the Fourth of July, the country club set off a firework show ten feet from where Greg and his family are, but it was hard for them to see over the trees. No one really cared at that point.[5]

Susan took a picture of the show and put it in her album.[6]

The Getaway[]

Greg goes down to the Teen Zone, hoping the activity would be the video game competition. But instead, the game leader was routing up everyone for tennis. Greg thought about turning around but he remembered that Rowley plays tennis at his country club, and it might be fun for him to learn so the two could start hitting some balls around summer.

The Meltdown[]

The Country Club was only mentioned as to where The 13th Hole was located at. In a flashback, some kids (along with Rowley and Greg), wanted to learn about it, but after trying to sled, the kids from Whirley Street threw snowballs at them and made them go off. During the winter battle, the country club kicked them out, so then they decided to join in, making it a free-for-all.

Dog Days (2012 film)[]

Rowley invites Greg to go to the country club and comes along with him, preferring to go there instead of being in his mom's Reading Is Fun! Club. Greg finds out that the country club is not as crowded as the public pool and begins to like it. Greg finds out that Holly Hills gives tennis lessons there and sets up a game with her the next day. Frank signs up Greg for an internship at his office, but Greg lies that he got a job at the country club which makes him really happy that Greg actually did something.

The next day, Greg and Rowley meet up with Holly for the tennis match and find out that Patty is there too. Greg and Rowley get hit by Patty many times with tennis balls and make it totally obvious they know nothing about tennis and that they have only played Ultimate Tennis on the Wii. Holly is flattered that they tried to impress her and offers to help them with becoming better. During the fourth of July party at the Warrens' house, Rodrick tells Greg about his suspicions about him having a job, intimidating Greg, causing him to admit to Rodrick that he doesn't have a job at the country club and that he just wants to hang out with Holly. Rodrick sees this as an opportunity to see Heather Hills and blackmails Greg into sneaking him into the country club.

The next day, Rodrick begins to order tons of food on the Jefferson's bill. Rodrick comes up with a plan to get Heather's attention by pretending to drown, but while he's pretending, Heather is on her phone, and doesn't even notice Rodrick. A bald guy sees Rodrick's fake drowning and comes to save him and, even after he is showing signs of life, he gives him mouth to mouth as Rodrick cries in disgust.

After a trip to the beach with Rowley, Greg calls him to ask if he's going to the country club, and Rowley says he isn't. Greg sneaks himself in like he sneaked Rodrick in and finds out that Rowley did come to the club, and he lied to him. Rowley says that his parents say he can't invite Greg to come to the club with him anymore. After they make up, they bump into Holly and Heather. Heather says that her DJ for her Sweet 16 party got canceled and has no music. Greg says that him and Rowley are roadies for Rodrick's band Loded Diper and asks if they could perform at her party. Heather has no choice, but to accept it. Frank decides to take Greg to "work" the next day. Greg heads inside to where an infuriated Mr. Jefferson is with a bill of $260 worth of smoothies. When Frank comes in to drop off his sunscreen, Mr. Jefferson tells him about the bill, and he finds out Greg doesn't have a job at all, and he pays for the bill himself. Greg is in the car with Frank waiting for him to yell at him. Frank says he's just disappointed and isn't going to yell at him. As summer is close to its end, several days later, Heather's Sweet 16 birthday party commences.

At the end of the film, Greg, Rowley and Holly swim at the municipal pool together with Greg's family.



The Last Straw[]

Dog Days[]

The Getaway[]

The Meltdown[]


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