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Plainview is the town in which Greg Heffley and his family reside. In the film adaptation of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, the town's name is revealed, although it remains unnamed in the books.

The inspiration for Plainview is drawn from the real town of Plainville, where the author Jeff Kinney currently lives and works. It's likely that he incorporated elements of his own hometown into the fictional setting of Plainview in the series.










  • While Plainview's exact location is never definitively stated, multiple clues have presented themselves throughout the series:
    • Plainview is located in a temperate region that experiences hot summers and snow every winter. This rules out most of the southern United States, as well as states like Alaska and Hawaii.
      • Greg mentions in Double Down that a flock of geese would often pass through the town that time of year, further solidifying this assumption, as the real-life Canada goose migrates through the northern U.S. as part of its migration route during the fall.
    • The Heffleys live within a two-hour drive of an ocean, eliminating the entire Midwest, as well as any states within the Rocky Mountains.
    • Plainview appears to be surrounded by primarily deciduous forest, meaning that it is unlikely to be located in Oregon or Washington. This means that Plainview is most likely located in New England or elsewhere within the northeastern U.S.
    • In Big Shot, Susan Heffley drives multiple hours to attend a basketball tournament halfway across the state. This would likely rule out extremely small states like Rhode Island.
    • While unconfirmed, many readers believe that Plainview is located in Massachusetts, as it is the location of Jeff Kinney's hometown, Plainville.
      • It's also revealed in No Brainer that somebody once donated a phone book for "South County" to a book drive at Larry Mack Middle School. This is a regional name for multiple places, including an area of south-central Massachusetts around Worcester County, which could add backing to this.
      • Additionally, a town called Plainview exists in Long Island, New York.
  • In the online book, an adult interrupts a fight between Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson to ask for directions to I-270. One highway with this name is located in Maryland, running between Frederick and North Bethesda, implying the town is in that area in that version.
  • The non-member block popup for Wimpy Wonderland refers to the place where the characters live as "Wimpy World".
  • In the Rodrick Rules film, the Heffleys' vehicle has a front license plate that appears similar to an Ohio license plate.