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Peepaw is the maternal great-grandfather of Greg Heffley, the maternal grandfather of Susan, the grandfather-in-law of Frank Heffley, and the widower of Meemaw who appears in Hard Luck. Gramma and her sisters are his daughters.


Hard Luck[]

Peepaw first appears when Greg is talking about how he thinks that Peepaw would want to change his nickname, but says that Peepaw is 93 years old so there wouldn't be much point. Peepaw is later shown in a flashback when the entire family is looking for Meemaw's lost diamond ring, shortly after her funeral. Peepaw is shown watching at the television while everyone else is searching for Meemaw's ring.

When the family has a reunion, Peepaw is shown in another flashback when Greg mentions that once, Peepaw had a green bean hanging from his lip for most of Easter brunch and Greg laughed when it fell in his water. Greg also mentions that the previous year, on Peepaw's birthday, his dentures came out when he tried to blow out the candles on his cake. Greg had just taken a drink and was trying to stop himself from laughing but he ended up spitting out the drink.


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  1. Peepaw is said to be 93 years old in Hard Luck.