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You listen to me, Greg Heffley. I'm running for student council president and I'm warning you, if you get in my way, I will beat you up, just like I did in kindergarten and fourth grade.
Patty to Greg Heffley

Patricia "Patty" J. Farrell is the secondary antagonist of the series. She has a supporting role in the books and the online book, but plays a much larger role in the films.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid112

Patty gets hit by an apple during the play.

Patty first angers Greg after she tells Mr. Ira to cover up the map of the United States during a state capitals quiz.[1]

During the audition for The Wizard of Oz play, Patty is the first to tryout the role for Dorothy, the main character. She ends up getting the role which influences Greg's decision on picking the most antagonistic character towards Dorothy.[2] At the play, Patty takes her role very seriously, to the point where she gets upset at Greg for stalling the play. This in turn leads Greg, playing the role of a tree, to throw an apple at her. Since it technically follows the source material, the other trees gets in the act and one knocks Patty's glasses off, breaking them. Due to Patty's special need of glasses, the play was shut down.[3]

Rodrick Rules

Greg mentioned that she performed in the Winter Talent Show. It is proven in both of the film versions that she physically performs in said talent show.

The Last Straw

Patty was chosen by Mrs. Craig to look after the class during the time her dictionary was stolen. Due to Patty's serious behavior, she doesn't let anyone go to the bathroom. Alex Aruda minded the class on Monday, because she was sick.

This was also her last appearance in the book series, It is unknown if she will re-appear in any of the upcoming books but it's possible that the character has been retired.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010 film)

In the movie, Patty catches the apple that was thrown by Greg and threw it back at the trees before tackling Greg.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2021 film)

She is mentioned when Rowley talks about The Wizard of Oz play. Besides this, Patty doesn't make any physical appearance in the film.

Rodrick Rüles (2022 film)- 1-00-00-4

Rodrick Rüles (2022 film)

During the Talent Show Patty plays the piano off-key, making everyone moan.[4]


Just like in the first book, Patty tells Mr. Beardo about the map of the United States however, Greg shows more hatred towards her as he was willing to trip her in the hall the next time he sees her.[5]

Patty also auditioned for Dorothy, just like she did in the books.[6] Also like the book Greg only auditions as a tree so he can hurl Patty with apples.[7]

Online book340

Driving behind Rodrick Heffley's pickup truck was Patty who got to see Greg in the back hiding under the tarp.[8]


Patty is illustrated as wearing wide open glasses and pig-tails and this has been seen throughout the series. No other illustration of Patty has been shown other than glasses and her style of hair. According to Greg, she can't see two feet in front of her without her glasses and is practically blind without them, although in the movies she doesn't wear them. She also wears braces.


Patty can be characterized as the teacher's pet and a nerd, and due to events happening in the first book, she develops a vile relationship towards Greg Heffley though the teachers don't seem to see it or even her mom to the point that she is allowed to be school counsel. She is self-absorbed and paranoid, egotistical, and states (in the movie) that she will get her mother, who is the president of the PTA, to sue them if she doesn't get what she wants (implying that she is completely spoiled). In The Last Straw, when the teacher leaves the room, Patty is left in charge. Greg writes that she is very strict when in control, letting no one out of the classroom, even if a student has to use the restroom.

However, she is given a much bigger role in the movies, as she is a lot more hostile to Greg (The trivia explains why) and even threatens to beat him up if he were to get in her way likely actually meaning it. She also somehow joins the wrestling group Greg was in (what she threatened to Greg occurs when he is put against her) and she also ruins Greg's chance at having a bigger role in the play, demoting his role to a tree (in the book, Greg wanted to play a tree because the trees get to throw apples at Dorothy). Later on, she gets annoyed at Greg for ruining the play and he throws an apple at her. Unlike in the books, Patty catches it and tackles Greg. Also in this portrayal, her parents are involved with the school board. The motivation for her vile relationship with Greg is the latter's recital of an offensive playground chant poking fun at her that sent her bursting into tears in preschool.


  • Given estimates made based off of illustrations of her, Patty Farrell is most likely between 4' 7" (139.7 cm) and 4' 9" (144.78 cm) tall. However, this is entirely conjecture, as her height has never been stated conclusively within the series.
  • She hasn't been seen or mentioned in any of the books since The Last Straw and it's unknown if she'll make another appearance. Rumors also declared that she'll appear in The Getaway, but she also didn't. The same thing happened in The Deep End.
  • In the book she wears glasses while in the films she doesn't. It is high likely that her parents have already gave her contact lens. Also, she has pigtails in the books, but she has braids in the movies such as the first film, Rodrick Rules, and Dog Days.
  • She appears more rude and mean-spirited in the films, especially to Greg. This is because, in kindergarten, Greg said “Patty, Patty is a fatty! Has a face just like a ratty!”, and she had hated him ever since. In the books, Greg's dislike of her is one-sided.
  • In the films, she serves as the secondary antagonist in the first film and Rodrick Rules and a minor antagonist in Dog Days. Her middle initial is J. as seen in Dog Days.
    • Additionally, in the second film, it's implied she's terrified of weird people. At the Rocket Rollers Roller Rink, when they were people pairing up, Fregley walked up to her in interest, to which she backed away in fright.
  • In animated scenes of the 2010 live-action film, Patty appears in her original book style. However, the 2011 film introduces a new design for her that is more accurate to Laine MacNeil's portrayal of her (braids instead of pigtails, bangs, and no glasses).
  • In the second adaptation of Rodrick Rules, her last name is spelt "Ferrel" likely a name error.
  • She is named after Patty Simcox from Grease (1978). Her hairstyle is also based on Jan's.
  • She is based on Judy Hensler from the sitcom Leave It to Beaver, and the 1997 film of the same name.
    • She is also based on Penny Woods from Leave It to Beaver.



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