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Papa Tony's is a pizzeria restaurant that appeared in Cabin Fever. It is run by a man named Papa Tony.

When Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson attempt to secure some advertisers for their newly created newspaper The Neighborhood Tattler, Papa Tony is the only person who accepts, possibly because Greg and Rowley visit his restaurant about five times a week, and he doesn't want to lose their business.

When they pass by later and give Papa Tony a copy of the first edition of The Neighborhood Tattler, he is annoyed by the fact that his advertisement is running alongside a negative review of the restaurant, and Greg offers to arrange for a more positive writeup if he buys a bigger advertisement next time.[1]


  • In Greg's review of the restaurant (titled "Papa Tony's Pizza Stinks!"), he complains that Papa Tony's removed grape soda from the menu, forcing Greg to drink root beer, and that they replaced many non-vegetarian pizzas with vegetarian ones and decreased the limit of taking napkins from as many as you want to only two, as otherwise, Papa Tony will give dirty looks.
  • The name of Papa Tony's may be a reference to the real life restaurant Papa John's, Papa Gino's, or Tony's Pizza, both of which have similar names.
  • It's possible that Papa Tony's pizzeria could be the same one depicted in "Cabin Fever" as the buildings have similar layouts
  • It's possible that Papa Tony might be of Greek descent, as he has a picture of the Parthenon in his restaurant.
    • The Restaurant could also be a Greek pizzeria




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