Pac-Man is a real-life arcade game. The game features the titular character eating pellets in a maze while avoiding ghosts.

In Cabin Fever, Greg decides to make a video game for the Holiday Bazaar. He settles on Pac-Man, since it's easy to make. Greg designs the box to make it look like the real arcade unit, and tapes Pac-Man to a popsicle stick and the ghosts to pencils. He puts Rowley inside the box to operate the ghosts, while the player moves Pac-Man from outside the box. However, the maze falls out after he cuts it, so he ends up not using the game. The Pac-Man cabinet later appears in Greg's basement after it gets flooded.

A parody of Pac-Man, titled "Crumb Muncher," appears in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway.



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