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This page lists all the events that happened during the month of October in Diary of a Wimpy Kid (online).


Friday, October 1st[]

Online book135

Greg rewrites his script for The Boy Whose Family Thinks He's a DOG and shows it to Rowley. However, Rowley refuses to answer the door. Greg is prepared to leave, but Ann pulls up to Greg with Mackey Creavey in the back of her car for soccer practice. Greg completely forgot about it, and says he will have to put his film career on hold. He mentions that Frank forces him to do it every year so Greg is "well-rounded".

He mentions the first night is always the same: you have to dribble the ball round a few cones. This year, the coach was Mr. Matthews, the father of Greg's crush Piper Matthews from church. Although Greg actually tried to put an effort into it, he still was ranked "Pre-Alpha Minus". Greg is put onto Kenny Keith's team, meaning his coach is Kenny's father Mr. Keith, who really hates Greg.

The previous year during practice, when Greg and a bunch of other kids were slacking off, Mr. Keith yelled at them to "Get your butts over here!", to which Greg runs at his reer end and pointing his butt at him. Greg is given the "Shag" position, which Greg thinks is pretty cool. When he gets home, he brags about being the "Shag" to Rodrick, but he tells Greg that the "Shag" is simply the kid who has to fetch the ball whenever it goes out of bounds. Greg is surprised, because there were a lot more worse-playing kids around like Collin Lee and Mackie Creavey.

Saturday, October 2nd[]

Greg was planning to go to Collin's house, but Frank rented a movie so Greg stayed home. Frank never checks the rating and most of the time it's a film that Ann wouldn't let Greg watch on his own, but at the same time Ann makes remarks about the content of the film, ruining the fun of watching it. Greg soon gets the message and pretends to act the same, and every night he re-watches the film when everyone else is asleep.

Sunday, October 3rd[]

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After Church, Greg and Ann go off to Gramma's house to see if she's okay as she wasn't answering her phone. They arrive to see Gramma clipping coupons as usual, to which Ann asks Gramma why she wasn't answering her phone and Gramma replies that "Cordless Telephones erase the memory of the elderly". Ann gets steamed because she knew that her own mom was reading the supermarket tabloids again, which are full of misinformation and lies. Afterwards, Ann throws the tabloids away, but Greg digs it out of the trash can to read it in his bed.

Monday, October 4th[]

Greg complains about his father giving him the same wake-up speech every day. He wonders where Frank gets his energy from, and one time after Greg falls back asleep he yells at him to wake up.

At school, Greg sees a bunch of older kids tripping other kids as a joke. Greg is sad to note that this thing is what passes of as comedy nowadays, and remembers back to when he and Ben used to be a great comedy double-up. He tries to do the same with Rowley but it wasn't the same.

Tuesday, October 5th[]

As usual when Greg and Rodrick are doing the dishes, Rodrick does his regular routine of waiting out, or as what Greg calls it, "get-out-of-doing-the-dishes", where he would camp in the bathroom for 45 minutes after Greg finished all the work. Greg tries to complain but Rodrick makes an excuse saying that his "body is on a schedule". Greg wanted to remember this when he becomes rich and famous so he could get Rodrick back.

Wednesday, October 6th[]

Soccer practice ended earlier than usual as the team's uniforms were handed out, and the team had to come up with a name. Greg wanted to call his soccer team the "Twisted Wizards" but no one liked his idea then some kid came up with "Red Sox" and everyone else loved the idea. Then, Mr. Keith suggests they should call it the "Red Socks" to prevent a lawsuit.

After practice, Greg tries to convince Frank to let him quit after he tells him that Albert Sandy can just play video games all afternoon. However, Frank gets angry and tells Greg that "no son of a mine is a quitter". however Greg knows that isn't true because he and Rodrick are huge quitters and suspects Manny will likely be the same as well when he gets older.

Thursday, October 7th[]

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After coming home yesterday, Greg finds out Manny stuffed a chocolate chip cookie into his Walkman and complains to Ann. Manny says "i'm ownwy fiiive!" as an excuse and Ann sends Manny away. Greg suspects Manny will finally get punished but instead, Manny comes out with a "gift" - a tinfoil ball with toothpicks sticking out of it. Greg tries to throw it away because he worries he'll sit on it one day but Ann prevents him from doing so.

Friday, October 8th[]

After dinner Rodrick was listening to his rock music on the stereo when Ann came in and started dancing which annoyed Rodrick. He soon went out to a store and bought headphones so he could listen to the song in peace.

The school announced student government elections and Greg plans to run for Treasurer as there would be no one who would oppose him. As Treasurer, Greg could win over the people that he likes and get revenge on the ones that he doesn't.

Saturday, October 9th[]

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Today was Greg's first soccer game and just like he expected, he didn't play a single second and only had to get the ball when it goes out of bounds. Frank gave Greg this big pep talk before the game about giving the game 110% which shows to Greg that he doesn't understand his position. Greg's team won the game against Green Thunder 13-0. The only other think Greg had to say was that Tommy Leonard's dad bought cheap cola instead of a name brand for the half-time drink.

Sunday, October 10th[]

Greg sees the Matthews family, sitting 3 rows away from Greg. Mr. Matthews has four girls, and Piper Matthews is the prettiest one of them all. Frank suspects that if the Matthews had more children, they would be girls as well.

Greg then says the only issue with Piper is that she goes to St. Patrick's, and that Ben also goes there, with Greg suspecting he is telling the jokes he learned from him to Piper.

During church Manny had a bunch of toys to keep himself occupied while Greg counts the number of moles on Mr. Fisher's neck and Rodrick picks at a scab.

Monday, October 11th[]

Greg finds out that he has the day off, not knowing it was Columbus Day, after waiting at the bus stop for an hour and a half. When he gets back home, Frank also has the day off and both go and split up the comic section, where they express their hate for a comic named Little Cutie.

Frank and Greg hate Little Cutie and only read them to see how bad they can be. Frank also hates the Peachy Breeze commercials that come on TV, which feature a kid that says an annoying slogan. One time, Frank wrote a complaint but got back two coupons for the ice cream as a response.

Tuesday, October 12th[]

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Manny randomly insults Greg by calling him a "Pootie." Greg was confused as he didn't know if it was a bad word so he went and asked Ann about it. Ann was talking on the phone with a friend as Greg tries to get her attention but when he finally gets her attention, Ann is not only cross with being interrupted but asks him what "Pootie" means. With that, Manny had a green flag to call Greg the term whenever he pleased.

Greg tells Frank his plan to run as treasurer which Frank later shows Greg his poster when he ran for secretary. Greg was inspired by this and spent all night working on them. Greg then knows he is being pitted against Musti Patel.

Wednesday, October 13th[]

Greg put up his posters in the hallways. His posters defame another student who's running for treasurer named Marty Porter, with one of them saying that he had head lice in second grade. However in the end, Mr. Roy makes Greg takes them down due to “fabrications” despite Greg saying that it was true.

Later Greg finds out neither Ann nor Frank could pick him up after soccer so he had to take a ride from Mr. Keith. After soccer, Mr. Keith was talking with his assistant while Greg was sitting with Kenny Keith. Kenny asked Greg if he could change the radio but as Greg was leaning forward towards the front seat Kenny honked on the car to make it look like Greg was the one who did it. This made Mr. Keith mad so he talked for another half an hour and went to Home Depot which made Kenny mad at Greg. With that, Greg realizes why he hates sports and kids his age in general.

Thursday, October 14th[]

Online book185

Rowley ends up sitting on Manny's tinfoil ball, and as he cries while Ann helps him, Greg can finally throw the ball away.

Rodrick finds out Greg hated it when Manny called him a Pootie so he started using it. Greg got Frank to ban Rodrick from using the word but he finds a loophole by saying part of the word on separate days.

Friday, October 15th[]

Mr. Roy announced that "negative campaigning" was not allowed, meaning Greg's political career is washed up and also finds out that the meetings take place during recess.

Saturday, October 16th[]

Object- Löded Diper van- Online book190

Greg finds out one benefit of soccer which was being able to miss out on Rodrick's band, Löded Diper. Greg explains that summer, Rodrick wanted to start a band and plans on getting an electrical guitar but Frank convinces Rodrick to get a drum set because the neighbors were selling one at a cheap price. Ann also mentions that practices are normally held in the drummer's house because it's difficult to move around the drum set, causing Frank to get depressed. Ann supported the creation of Löded Diper because she wanted to form a family band according to Greg. Before Frank and Greg leave to go to soccer practice, they meet up with one of Rodrick's friends, a 32-year-old man named Bill Walter. Bill is the lead singer and owns a van. Greg always wonders why he and Frank are always an hour early to soccer practice and suspects Rodrick's band practices are likely the reason why.

At soccer, the coaches on the other teams accuse Ian of being too old to play in a middle school league. Greg says it didn't matter as the ball never went on his end of the field. Meanwhile on the bench, Greg was freezing as Frank didn't allow him to get his coat from the car, as he wanted him to "toughen out" despite Greg's role that only requires him to collect the kids' orange peels at half time.

After the game, the team went to McDonald's to celebrate their victory and Greg orders 10 Chicken McNuggets. When he went to the bathroom, Erick Bickford dumped the nuggets out of his sweaty hands, and refused to eat them. Greg expresses that as another reason why he hated his team.

Sunday, October 17th[]

Greg believes Gramma has a direct pipeline to God because she always gets what she wants when she prays. Greg tries to do the same but was less successful.

At church, Greg gets bored further and for fun, he calls Manny a Pootie. This ends up with Manny bawling and causes the Heffleys to leave, passing by the Matthews while Ann pokes Greg in his ribcage.

After this, Ann made Greg go to confessions for calling his brother a Pootie.

Monday, October 18th[]

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Ann makes Greg apologize to Manny for calling him a Pootie but when he does, Manny accepts his apology but calls him a Pootie which Ann conveniently ignores.

Tuesday, October 19th[]

Last week, Greg had a history test which he actually studied for. However, he notices Dwight Harrington copying his answers so Greg sabotages his answers and then changed it back at the last second because Dwight threw a pencil eraser that landed in Greg's ear. While Greg got a B-, Dwight ended up being pulled aside and was told that he would be transferred over to Mrs. Bunn's class.

In other news, Greg forgot to drop out of the student council election and Mr. Roy wouldn't let him drop out, so Greg starts thinking a way to guarantee that he doesn't win.

Wednesday, October 20th[]

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Musti Patel wins Treasurer which was a big relief for Greg as the head lice thing started to make the rounds again. Greg ended up saying a lot of unpopular comments in the halls such as hoping to use the school's money on uniforms to make sure he doesn't get elected.

Thursday, October 21st[]

Online book201

Bryce Anderson and his friends set up a neighborhood restaurant for all the parents. The restaurant ended up being a success as they racked up $200 in tips alone and the customers generally had a good experience.

Greg talks about Frank's favorite holiday which is Halloween and enjoys hiding in the bushes and spraying any passing teenagers with a bucket of water.

Friday, October 22nd[]

At daycare, Manny drew a picture called Unhappy Home where it can be seen hanging on the walls on Parent's Night, depicting two angry characters shooting lazers at each other with a popsicle aside, while a little character is seen in the middle crying. Ann and Frank thought the picture was supposed to be of them so they started acting more romantically around Manny. However, Greg knew the picture was actually supposed to be of him and Rodrick fighting over the last pudding pop.

Saturday, October 23rd[]

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At soccer, after a parent complained that their kid wasn't getting enough playing time, a new rule is made where established that requires every player to be on the field at some point which means Greg, Mackie Creavey, and Manuel Gonzales will be in the game. This meant that they lost all the fun they had at soccer after all three kids decided to bring their Game Boys and link cables.

Mr. Keith called on them to block a free kick but the three of them ducked away from ball but the team was saved thanks to Ian who threw it halfway through the field. Mr. Keith pulled the three of them out as quickly was he could because he was angry that the ball went on to the goal for the first time this season. Greg says he would prefer getting yelled at than getting hit in the face by a soccer ball.

After soccer Frank drove Greg home but they saw a bunch of teenagers in the driveway listening to Rodrick's music. Frank was about to call 911 but Ann stopped him, saying they were just "appreciating Rodrick's music". Greg didn't know how Ann was able to say that with a straight face because the band doesn't even play real songs, especially with their new annoying echo pedal. Greg predicts Frank is going to come up with something that'll get rid of the teenagers without interfering with Ann. Even then, Frank couldn't relax until all the teenagers were gone, which was about 45 minutes after band practice ended.

Sunday, October 24th[]

Online location- Greg and Rowley's Haunted House- Online book215

After seeing Manny watching Sesame Street "for the millionth time today", Greg thinks about wanting to get his own TV, and decides to set up a haunted house. Rowley thought it was a good idea and even got permission from his dad to set it up in the basement as long as it is cleaned up by 5:00.

Greg and Rowley started working on an ambitious plan and posted flyers all over the neighborhood. But they spent too much time putting up all the flyers by 2:00 and had to cut out a lot of their original plan. An hour later there was a line of kids waiting outside and Greg saw the opportunity to raise the price from 50 cents to $1.50 and claims it was a typo.

Shane Smedley was the first one to enter and went through the Halls of Screams but was too scared to crawl out. Greg and Rowley tried to poke him out but Rowley ended up getting Mr. Jefferson who called Mr. Smedley. Mr. Smedley was angry when he got there because he thought they were picking on his kid as the haunted house did not look convincing even after Greg showed him their flyer. Mr. Smedley was eventually convinced but made them refund his son's money and Mr. Jefferson canceled the whole haunted house.

Monday, October 25th[]

Rowley ends up getting grounded as a lesson for associating himself with someone of questionable character which Greg thought Rowley's parents were talking about him, with Rowley's punishment being that he is not allowed to watch TV for a week. Greg feels bad for him so he called him up and tries to describe what he sees on screen. Greg didn't know if Rowley was getting the full effect and had a feeling he wasn't gonna be able to do this every night as Rowley said he had to go in a huffy tone five minutes into the third show.

Tuesday, October 26th[]

Online book225.2

Rodrick wants his parents let him use the college funds for his band as he doesn't want to go to college and says his band is going "all the way." Frank was with Rodrick because it would get rid of him for a few years while Ann was worried about her son's future if his band doesn't make it.

Ann tries to persuade Rodrick into changing his mind when she asked him what he'll do if he doesn't have money to afford food and shelter. Rodrick says he'll sell his plasma but Ann couldn't let it go and asked him what he'll do if he loses one of his arms. Rodrick pulled out a magazine that shows a well-known one-handed drummer. (most likely referencing Rick Allen)

Wednesday, October 27th[]

Today was Manny's first day of kindergarten as Ann decided he has outgrown daycare.

Greg recalls his first day of kindergarten when a kid named Quinn came up to him and asked him if he liked ice cream. When Greg said yes he asks Greg why doesn't he marry it which freaked him for the rest of the day until Ann told him that it was a joke. Greg thought the joke was funny and tried it on the other kids the next day but it wasn't as good as Quinn's. However, throughout the rest of the year, Quinn kept hitting back at Greg.

However, Manny's first day of kindergarten also happened to be the same day as the kindergarten's Halloween party, which got Manny so freaked out that he hid in the coat closet and didn't came down until the teacher called Ann from work. Ann decided to keep Manny in Daycare until the following year.

Thursday, October 28th[]

Online book232

Greg and Rowley had the idea to be on TV by playing with the hay on the tractor, the location where the television crew were suppose to record. However, the news crew find Greg and Rowley "creepy" and kick them off, replacing them with a bunch of little kids who did the exact same thing Greg and Rowley were doing.

Greg notices he was getting less attention than he used to get, primary because he was getting older and also made the mistake talking to Frank about it. Frank tells Greg that he was going through puberty and he shouldn't take any pictures until he's 17. Greg was pretty disappointed by his father's response until he ran into Rodrick at home and thought the advice may not be so bad. Greg learns he should talk to Ann if he wants to boost his ego.

Friday, October 29th[]

Online book236

Greg and Rowley went to The Labyrinth, a haunted house run by the Junior class of Crossland High School. Rowley arrives in a Superman costume with blue tights, embarrassing Greg because he wanted Rowley to just wear regular clothes but obviously didn't listen.

Greg tries not to let Rowley's blue tights ruin the haunted house experience for him as he had never been allowed to The Labyrinth until now. After they paid their admission they were met with jump scares with people dressed up as vampires or something else. The scariest part was the Chainsaw Alley which was a section where a man in a hockey mask would chase after you with a real-life chainsaw. The guy chased Greg and Rowley into a tunnel where Ann came in, and scolded the person. This ended Greg and Rowley's haunted house experience, with Ann threatening to send an angry letter to Crossland's principal .

Greg says the experience will be impact the amount of sleep he gets add on to his imagination of a little old man that lives under his bed.

Saturday, October 30th[]

Greg was over at Rowley's house this morning to check out his awesome knight costume that his dad bought him. Greg admits he's jealous because he had never got a store-bought costume as he just throws a costume together indiscriminately every year.

He considers to bring back the Toilet Paper Mummy back again since he hadn't used it in a while but scratches it since there's a chance it could rain tomorrow. Greg says he's starting to notice the sour reactions he gets from people over his poorly made costumes and could even take a toll on the amount of candy he receives. The reason why is Greg spends most of his time going over the best route to take which was going through a shortcut to Snake Road.

At soccer, Greg was freezing to death but Mackey and Manual bought sleeping bags to the game. After Mr. Keith had one look at them, he excuses them to Mr. Creavey's heated SUV that was packed with a TV and a video game hookup as Greg sits on the frozen bench.

Sunday, October 31 (Halloween)[]

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Online book258

An hour before Greg and Rowley were scheduled to go outside, Ann came in and handed Greg a pirate costume just in time. But as a payoff Greg had to take Manny with him which he didn't like and told her that they were going through the Snake Road shortcut. Greg regrets bringing up Snake Road because Ann made Frank go alone with them.

Before they got to their first house, they ran into Mr. Mitchell, a man who is famous in Greg's neighborhood for being a blabbermouth and only wanting to talk about himself. Mr. Mitchell and his kid Jeremy Mitchell decide to tag-along. However, the yammering delays Greg and Rowley's candy economy as Mr. Mitchell would stop walking when he talked and was disallowed to go up to scary houses as Jeremy and Manny were too scared. When they got to Mr. Washington's house, Frank complimented his teeth as he thought they were fake. However, Mr. Washington, seemingly offended, ended up slamming the door.

Eventually, Frank had enough of Mr. Mitchell's talking so he went home with Manny, forgetting about Ann's warnings. Greg and Rowley farmed candy until Rowley had to use the bathroom at Gramma's house. Rowley took 35 minutes to come out because he was having issues with his knight costumes and had to get Gramma to help him. They hit 30 more houses and decided to head home because the people were coming at their door, wearing pajamas and giving them angry looks.

As they were counting their candy, a truck packed with three high school kids came and blasted their fire extinguisher towards Rowley who blocked most of the water with his shield. Then as the teenagers were driving away Greg told them they were gonna call the police which initiated a chase where Greg and Rowley ran into Collin's house. His parents were at a party and Collin was asleep, but thankfully Collin's babysitter, who Rowley knows, let them inside.

Knowing the teenagers were willing to wait them, they decided to spend the night at Collin's house. But when Greg called Ann, she was furious, saying that he was up two hours past curfew, and that he needed to come immediately or else he'll be grounded for a month. Rowley hesitated but eventually Greg told him that he needed to be on his side.

The two friends knew the only thing to do to avoid the teenagers was to go onto Snake Road, which has no lights. They walk through avoiding nearby cars, and thankfully made it home without being caught. However, a scream occurred and Frank ambushed them with water, soaking their candy.