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Monday, November 1st[]

On the bus ride to school, Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson find out that Collin Lee's house got toilet papered by the teenagers the previous night, but Greg wasn't really surprised about it.

Greg is also excited about a state capitals test coming up tomorrow, as he sits right next to a big map of the United States, and the capitals are all in big red print. Ann promises Greg that if he got a 100% in his test, she'll take him to Pizza Hut that day.

Tuesday, November 2nd[]

The State Capitals Test takes place, but before it happens, Patty Farrell tells Mr. Beardo to cover up the map of the United States. Thanks to her, Greg ends up getting a 0 on his states capital test, which didn't help that Greg didn't study at all because he heavily depended on the map. Greg is certain he didn't even get the capital of his own state right, either.

Wednesday, November 3rd[]

Greg wishes he had a bionic eye so he could cheat and play wacky tricks on his classmates. He said that if he did have one, he would've been enjoying a pepperoni pizza instead of meatloaf at dinner.

Thursday, November 4th[]

Greg and Rodrick Heffley are sent out by Ann so they can rake leaves in Greg's Gramma's yard, with the deal being that the boys would get hot chocolate and $3 for each bag filled.

Even though Greg was doing it right, Rodrick told him that if they put in the leaves without filling it up, they would get the job done quicker. Due to this, they end up running out of bags in half an hour, leaving an angry Gramma to pay them the cash but not their promised hot chocolate.

Friday, November 5th[]

After soccer practice, Greg gets picked up by Rodrick in his pickup truck. Frank told Rodrick he will be picking up Greg for now on. Rodrick was 45 minutes late and made him sit in the back because his friend, Ward was sitting at the front. Greg introduces him to the readers, where he is always at Rodrick's band practices even though he doesn't do anything in the band, and believes professional wrestling is real.

Throughout the ride, Greg had to deal with the freezing temperatures and Rodrick's music blasting in his ears. Greg complained when they got home but Ann told him that he had to be polite because he had a guest.

Saturday, November 6th[]

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Greg became the backup goalie of his team which he calls a "genius" move because it allowed more freedom on what he could wear and doesn't have to do any physical activities. He seems it as a move to allow himself to play with the anthills around the penelty box.

After the game, Frank went to Wal-Mart and bought a boombox to get rid of the teenagers listening to Löded Diper music in their driveway. He turns it to a classical radio station and the driveway cleared out fast. Ann on the other hand wasn't happy with Frank because he got rid of Rodrick's fans.

Sunday, November 7th[]

Greg gets invited to Chirag Gupta's go-away party. He is glad to be invited despite having not been so nice to him in the past 6 years. He and Ben used to pretend that he would be losing his hearing by talking quietly over him. At the party, Chirag's parents rented a moon bounce and made over five different kinds of cake. Each kid was given a party bag which included many things including a video game.

After the party, Greg was ready to play his new game however he discovers Manny using his system to play educational games. Ann told him he has to share his video game system with Manny from now on which seems like a crisis to Greg.

Frank skipped dinner because he was attending the Town Council meeting to try and install speakers all over town to drive away the teenagers. His idea ended up getting downvoted, and Greg was thankful because he was certain that if it was successful he would be called the "The Kid whose Dad got Muzak piped into the whole down".

Monday, November 8th[]

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Nobody was home after school so Greg decides to take this opportunity to raid Rodrick's room and go through lots of stuff he can't normally get ahold of, such as rock and roll mags, x-ray goggles, and lighters. Greg says that some of the most mysterious things he has found in Rodrick's room is a beach keychain featuring a picture of Rodrick with an attractive girl. Whenever Rowley is round, Greg charges him a dollar to look at it. The other thing are some paper slips with "#1" on them, which Rodrick and Ward use to invite girls to parties.

Rodrick also had CDs that have "parental warning" stickers on them. Greg takes one of the CDs and replaces it with a Sesame Street one that belonged to Manny. Due to his Walkman being broken by Manny prior, Greg asks Rowley to bring his dad's Walkman tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 9th[]

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Rowley brings the Walkman, but forgot to put batteries into it. They instead came up with a game in which the two would try to shake the headphones off in the shortest amount of time, which they enjoyed until Mrs. Craig scolded them due to a rule where you cannot have personal music players at school.

Believing they were listening to rock and roll, she tells them their music are ruining their brains. Greg pretends to be ashamed and lets it off in contrast to Rowley, who bursts into tears. She hugs Rowley, while Greg sneaks away because of it being too uncomfortable.

Wednesday, November 10th[]

Desperate to listen to the CD, Greg decides to play it tonight when when everybody was asleep. He puts on the headphones and turns the volume up really loud. Seconds later, a very angry Frank comes right down the stairs which was the moment when Greg realizes that he forgot to plug in the headphones.

When they go back into Greg's room, Frank calls him "Friend" which Greg knows isn't a good sign. Frank grounds Greg from playing video games for a week, exactly as he expected. However, Greg wishes he listened the CD the following day, as it's a school holiday.

Thursday, November 11th[]

Because Greg was grounded, he goes to Collin's to play his games, however, Collin's Dad has started working from home and most of the games Greg brings don't go by with him if they contain violence. However, Greg bypasses this by putting the "inappropriate" games in Manny's game cases.

When Frank gets home, he was in a good mood, which Greg is sure is a good thing as he can forget about the punishments he gives him, compared to Ann who has a memory like an elephant. An example of that was when Greg returned home by cutting through the Smeadley's front yard and tracked mud in the kitchen, with Ann scolding him for tracking mud on the floor for the second time, with the first time being six years ago. She is also hot at Greg for disobeying her and listening to Rodrick's CD.

Later that night, Ann comes into Greg's room with a flyer about The Wizard of Oz play that the school are going to be doing. Greg suspects that she'd force him to be in the play and to his surprise, he was wrong. However, Ann changes her mind after seeing Greg cutting loose and forces him to audition for the play.

Friday, November 12th[]

Greg says the only good thing about being in a play is that it gets him out of soccer practice. When Frank found out he argued with Ann, but she won and so she drives Greg off to play tryouts, and being real chatty along the way. Greg tells the readers that she's good at putting you on a guilt trip.

At School, various kids were dressed up in costumes for parts they wanted to try out for. The music director and leader, Mrs. Norton made him and a bunch of kids "My Country Tis of Three", however, Mrs. Norton describes Greg's voice as "soprano". Overhearing the girls giggling, Greg knows that's not a good thing.

The tryouts went on forever, and the finale was an auditions for Dorothy, which Patty Farrell tried out first. Greg still wants to get back at her and thought about auditioning for the Witch, but he theorizes that he'll be casted as the one who likes her.

Saturday, November 13th[]

Ian gets caught driving to the game, causing a blowout between the coaches. Greg hopes his whole team would get suspended but nothing much came out of the argument as Ian was sent home. This ends up with Greg becoming the new fulltime goalie. Frank was also there to finally see his son being out on the field while being a huge annoyance to Greg. Despite Ian's absence, Greg never touched the ball but Frank was still really proud of Greg. Frank however, still wanted to send Greg to Bishop Garrigan but Greg realizes his new position could get him out of being sent to Bishop Garrigan as they don't have a soccer team.

Sunday, November 14th[]

Greg was set to play video games at Collin's, but he finds out from Ann and Frank that he and Manny have to stay in Aunt Cakey's house for two days as they are taking Rodrick to a college-finding trip, even though he doesn't want to go to college.

Greg is completely bored as Aunt Cakey's house has no toys, no television set and he is still grounded from playing video games. She is immune to Manny's act, and believes he and Greg are "wild animals" so she puts newspaper and plastic sheets on the furniture and watches both of them.

Greg is sure he is the reason why Aunt Cakey doesn't trust kids. One time when he was about five, Aunt Cakey told him to not touch the iron, to which Greg did just so and got a second-degree burn on his hand, getting Aunt Cakey in conflict with Ann.

Monday, November 15th[]

Greg talks more about Aunt Cakey's house, one example being a box of Lego that was glued together in one big block. He also mentions about her basement which has a bunch of old board games. Last year, Greg opened up a Monopoly game which was full of cricket spiders and caused him to faint, and has since had a phobia of both board game boxes and her basement.

The boredom was what led Greg to play with ants which that gets old as well. The previous day, Greg asks her that there's nothing to do, and so Aunt Cakey makes Greg help her with chores. He keeps his mouth shut that day, and instead plays around with a dog toy named Ellie, which used to be an elephant belonging to her former dog Rudy (who passed away a few years ago) before the dog chewed it to the point it resembles a bowling pin.

Greg mentions that when Rudy was around, Aunt Cakey's house wasn't boring. The dog was so clueless that you could do anything to it and he would stare into space like nothing happened. The only thing that got Rudy moving was when a specific sound was made which would cause him to hide under a bed for the entire day, which Gramma frequently did.

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Tuesday, November 16th[]

Chirag shows up at school again since his dad decided to decline his new job in California. Greg and his classmates are happy to see him again but the whole school decided to play a joke on him called the Invisible Chirag joke, where everyone would pretend he was still away. Greg finds the joke funny and wonders if it could even be better than the P.U. joke.

To see the roles for the play, the school showed the kids The Wizard of Oz movie during a general assembly. Greg decides to sign up as a tree because they don't have to sing and get to throw apples at Dorothy, perfect for plotting revenge against Patty.

Wednesday, November 17th[]

Greg learns two flaws for his act, which is that apple throwing has been cut due to Mrs. Nordon deeming it "too violent", and that they can't stick out their arms. Greg notices that two other kids got the part, and suspects they did so for the same reason as he did - to pay back on Patty Farrell.

Everyone who auditioned got a part, and as there were more kids than characters in the movie, they started making up characters. For example, Rodney James ended up being a Shrub.

Thursday, November 18th[]

At lunch, Greg pulled out a cookie and sympathized about how he wished Chirag was here so he could give it to him. Then he ate it right in front of him.

He explains that he got the inspiration for the Invisible Chirag joke from Ann. On one snowy day Greg hid under the kitchen table and decided to stay hidden when his mom was looking for him. Ann eventually saw Greg under the table but pretended he wasn't there. She didn't break Greg until she said she was gonna give his jar of Gummi Bears to Rodrick.

During play practice, Greg isn't pleased that he has to spend 2-hours a day just to memorize one word, and wonders if that or Soccer practice is worse or the other. Opposite of Greg's situation was Rodney who managed to sneak in a Game Boy to his costume. Now, Greg is trying to kick himself out of the play.

Friday, November 19th[]

Rodrick picks Greg up from play practice, and once again the passenger seat was occupied. This time, Ward wasn't in it, but rather Ellie. Greg knew the only reason he put Ellie in there was to keep him away from the passenger seat. To add insult to injury, it was rainy and Patty Farrell saw Greg hiding under the tarp in the back of Rodrick's truck.

Greg was furious with Rodrick and calls him the worst name he can think up. Rodrick shoves Greg into a puddle and before a fight between the brothers could continue, Ann sees the entire situation and broke them up before making them go through the "Summit," Ann's way of dealing with bad behavior in pre-school.

She gives them three minutes to draw pictures of what they did wrong. However, the end result wasn't impressive. Greg drew Rodrick as a baby as he calls him a "Bunny Rabbit", while Rodrick does a stick figure drawing of him pushing Greg down a cliff with a shark about to eat him up. He also wrote his name as "Gregery" which Greg wonders he only did that to make himself madder, but finds it more depressing than angry.

Ann gave up the summit after this, seeing that the brothers could sit next to each other for three minutes without strangling each other.

Saturday, November 20th[]

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Ann has had enough of Greg and Rodrick's disputes, so she does things to stop it. She now takes the prize out of the cereal but it didn't really matter as Rodrick sorted out the box to only pour out marshmallows to irritate Greg. Greg didn't care about it because one time, he got stomach cramps from just eating marshmallows at Gramma's house. Frank had to come and pick Greg up from work however Greg sees an opportunity and tells Frank a more favorable story of the cause of his condition.

He is thrilled to find out that he has no soccer practice today. His team is currently in the playoffs and their first game is tomorrow.

Sunday, November 21st[]

The Red Socks are knocked out of the tournament during their first game. As Greg was the Goalie, the entire team pelted him with orange peels. Greg is relieved that Frank wasn't there to witness the game as he was at church that day. Frank acted relatively calm upon hearing the game as he was just a bit sad. Being surprised by Frank's reaction, he considers transfering to another school in order to get away from his teammates.

Monday, November 22nd[]

Greg decided to play the Chirag joke even further by counting everyone in the room except for Chirag so the teacher knows how many safety goggles she has to get out. Chirag starts yelling at Greg that he is also a human being. Greg wanted to respond, but he thankfully didn't. The other instance was when he and Giles Hugglestone were dissecting a frog with Chirag and still pretend that he isn't there.

Greg and the kids who are participating in the play have their final practice before the show tomorrow. However, nothing goes right due to Mrs. Norton. She keeps whispering everyone's lines causing the kids to slur up and kept adding in new scenes and new characters such as Toto, portrayed by a kindergarten student, in which the parent of the kid forces Mrs. Norton to let his son walk on two legs because having him on all-fours would be "Degrading".

The worst thing of all to Greg was that Mrs. Norton had wrote a song that the trees have to sing entitled "We Three Trees", deeming that everyone should "deserve" a chance to sing. After the song, Archie Kelly, one of the kids portraying the trees, trips over Rodney James and chips his tooth, because the costumes didn't have arm holes.

Greg deems the only thing good about the play is the "semi-formal" attire for the audience, because he knows Rodrick would not go as he would have to wear a tie for a middle-school play.

Tuesday, November 23rd[]

The school play takes place, and Greg realises things were getting off bad when he finds out Rodrick did come with the rest of the family, sitting right in the front row despite the dress code.

The play ended up being delayed after Rodney James gets stage fright. Greg wonders if he could do the same but he knew Rodney's stage fright was genuine and wouldn't pull off the reaction he had. After 20 minutes, the play starts for real. It ends up being a disaster right from the start as nobody could remember anything they rehearsed, and the kid who played Toto would just read comic books when he didn't need to move.

The forest scene comes into play, and then Manny shouts out "BUBBY!" as soon as he sees Greg. Greg is totally embarrassed as he has kept the nickname secret for five years and now the whole school and audience would know about it. However, he was able to deflict the embarrassment over to Archie Kelly by loudly stating if he's dropped an apple before following it with "Bubby".

When the trees starts to sing "We Three Trees", Rodrick points a camera straight at his brother. Greg begins to flashback at the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to him. When he was four, Ann recorded a videotape entitled "First Flush" which depicts Greg's first time flushing the toilet when he was potty training, deeming it to be a "precious moment". However the only member of the Heffleys who finds it precious is of course, Rodrick; who pulls the tape out every time the family gets together for a holiday. Greg once threw the tape away but Rodrick had duplicated it.

Greg decides to avoid singing the song, but when Archie Kelly and D.J. Harold notice him, they stop as well while Mrs. Norton whispers out the lines to the kids thinking they'd forgotten the song. This whole synopsis confuses the audience as they turn the pages of their programmes, not knowing what's going on. Eventually the show ended, and nobody clapped at all.

Reactions from the family about the play varied. Manny got spooked by the flying monkeys and had to be carried by Frank and refused to be pput down. Ann thought the play was "interesting" and was about to give Greg some flowers but thankfully to him she didn't. Rodrick was however super mad as he got nothing out of the play at the cost of appearing in the local newspaper wearing a tie.

Wednesday, November 24th[]

Archie Kelly gets bullied by the "Bubby" nickname, meaning Greg doesn't have to worry about falling victim again.

Greg discovers that Rowley is now in on the joke, when he says to Chirag that he can't see him or hear him. He spends the spends the day defending the Invisible Chirag joke from falling apart by Rowley. Chirag attempts to bribe Rowley with an Twinkie into confessing that he exists, knowing Rowley can't resist Twinkies and that he is an easy target. However, Greg was able to stop him by eating the “floating Twinkie.” Chirag gets mad and punches Greg.

Despite being punched, Greg was still in a good mood because Soccer and Play Practices were over; until he discovered the weekly newspaper. He searched for the picture of Rodrick in a tie but what he found instead in the sports section was a picture of himself: neglecting his team and playing with ants. Greg deems this as "payback for every bad thing he did" and rips up the newspaper to hide it from Frank. However, it turned out he already knew as the paper is delivered at his office as well. Frank didn't say much to him, as he was busy making calls. When Greg had the chance to hit the redial button, he wasn't surprised that Frank was making calls to Bishop Garrigan High School.

Thursday, November 25th (Thanksgiving)[]

As today was Thanksgiving, Bishop Garrigan didn't call back, but Greg still admitted that the thought of the school put a damper on the holiday.

Thanksgiving starts the same way it always does - Aunt Loretta showing up two hours early with Greg and Rodrick fighting on whoever gives the first kiss, with Rodrick always winning. The two boys attempt to have a talk however it always falls short. The rest of the family arrives at 11:00, with Joe Heffley and his kids coming in at 12:30. Frank is upset at his brother for extending Manny's potty training and believing that he made his kids call him "Aunt Fwank."

During dinner, Grampa tells the family a story he tells every Thanksgiving involving Greg. The story is about the time at Wild World where Greg misunderstood the height requirement sign and ended up waiting for 45 minutes. Greg gets teased by his brothers and Rodrick gets the story repeated.

After dinner, Ann catches Grampa smoking in the bathroom while Greg catches Frank breaking his no-sweets diet shortly after. Joe follows Frank in the basement where he sees Frank's Civil War Battlefield Diorama. He precedes to tease him while he explains the role of the 150th Regiment. Thanksgiving ends with Frank turning up the thermostat to kick everyone out.

Friday, November 26th[]

Every Thanksgiving, a relitive stays with the Heffleys for two days. This year, it's Great Uncle Clyde, who mostly makes grunting noises when he speaks. Gramma on the other hand, got Uncle Freddie, a rich man who is one of Greg's favorite relatives. However, Greg originally didn't like him because he had a loud voice and used to tease him over his blue footie pajamas. One time Greg replaced them but Freddie came up with a new name for him.

Every time Uncle Freddie is in town, he spoils the Heffley boys and this year he took them out to get a pet with Ann tagging along. The boys decide on getting fishes - Manny picks a goldfish, Greg picks an angelfish, while Rodrick picks a fish that was said to be "Aggressive". Freddie buys a big aquarium for them to inhabit.

Saturday, November 27th[]

Uncle Clyde went home and with Rodrick over at Ward's, it was the perfect opportunity for Greg to invite Rowley over for a sleepover. They brought Rowley's dad's portable TV which they plan to watch horror movies on it. However, Manny ends up joining because he had been following Rowley all day.

Greg is not thrilled by this as Manny had ruined his last sleepover with Ben Fielders.

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Since they couldn't watch their horror movies, they sneak through the sliding door for a dare: one had to go into the woods and find the tree fort and the one who would chicken out would have to call the other one "sir" for the rest of their life. To prove it, they had to write their names on it. Greg made Manny swore that he wouldn't snitch on him then went first where he snuck back inside the house, eating ice cream and watching TV. Then, Greg got himself dirty and came back and claimed that he outran a bear to scare Rowley into giving up the challenge.

Sunday, November 28th[]

Last night, Greg and Rowley waited for Manny to fell asleep then watched their horror movie on mute so it wouldn't wake him up.

The next day, they found out that Manny had snitched about everything. Greg confessed to Rowley that he cheesed out of the dare in order to avoid further punishment from Ann for walking to the tree fort by himself.

Afterward, the family went to church along with Rowley. Rowley, who had never been to church, kissed a woman telling him "peace be with you", not knowing that you're supposed to shake hands.

Monday, November 29th[]

Luckily, since he got home before everyone else, Greg cancels the return calls for the Bishop Garrigan High School. He then mentions about that since Soccer and the Play are both over, he can take naps after school, which Rodrick does as well. He theorizes that Frank may ban their naps because the two boys are always groggy when they come down for dinner.

He also mentions that Rodrick got into trouble that day, because Manny found a hotrod magazine with a woman across a hood of a car, which he brought it in to his daycare's show and tell. This time in the summit, Rodrick had to answer some questions Ann wrote up.

Tuesday, November 30th[]

The Invisible Chirag Joke ends up going to the point the whole Seventh Grade is in on it. During Pre-Algebra Greg is sent to Vice Principal Roy's office and knew he was in for it. Mr. Roy tells Greg off and makes him apologize to Chirag, but confuses the victim for another boy named Sharif, making it a lot easier for Greg. Mr. Roy sends Greg off with a pat on the back and a Lollipop and pass by Chirag, with Greg pretending to not notice him.

Greg goes over to Rowley's house to tell him about what happened, but discovers Chirag at the door and had finally broke Rowley down with the abundance of Twinkie wrappers. Greg decides to end the joke there after noticing a copy of Twisted Wizard 2 which had come out that day, where he believes Chirag found his own weakness. They become friends again and play the game together.