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This page shows the synopsis of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid online book of the month March.

Tuesday, March 1st/Wednesday, March 2nd[]

After dinner, Frank Heffley took Greg and Rodrick to a movie as an excuse to get out of the house because Susan Heffley is mad at him after she quit her first class of exercise class so as a joke Frank made two copies of Susan in her exercise gear and post it on the fridge to which he labeled as "before" and "after." When they arrived at the ticket booth, Frank recognized the guy who worked there and he was Lenwood Heath; Frank's arch enemy who caused so much trouble to the Heffley's house that Frank called the cops 20 times on him. But Lenwood was a role model now and it didn't took long for Frank and Lenwood to start a conversation. Lenwood changed because he went to Spag Union which interested Frank. After the movie Greg was worried about Frank having the thought of sending him to Spag Union, especially with the bathroom situation at school and comparing it to the presumed bathrooms at Spag Union.

Thursday, March 3rd[]

Greg notices that a new air freshener was installed in the boys' bathroom, so he makes a rumor that a camera was also attached to the air freshener to catch kids that throw wet toilet paper in the bathrooms, which ended up being successful.

Friday, March 4th[]

Greg saw a newspaper ad for Peachy Breeze, and how they were looking for a new kid to say the Peachy Breeze slogan in the ads due to the original being older. His first thought was that Susan thought Greg would be crazy to try out and be the Peachy Breeze Kid and that Frank would kick him out of the house due to Frank's big hatred of Peachy Breeze. Then he realized that if the original kid was a millionaire and that he could be one if he got the part, he thinks that Frank wouldn't send him to a military academy once he got used to Greg being rich.

Saturday, March 5th[]

Greg, Ann, and Manny leave to go to the Peachy Breeze Kid tryouts. At the mall, Greg sees that there were many young kids trying out, indicating that Greg was out of the target audience. Greg's gimmick during his turn is to click his heels when he jumps and says the slogan, but he ends up failing, and is rejected. Manny suffers from an allergic reaction to the peach ice cream, revealing that he is allergic to peaches.