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This page lists all the events that happened in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid (online) book in the month, January.

Saturday, January 1st[]


For New Year's day, Greg decides to help his family improve, however Greg is irritated by the fact that no one is improving better. Greg also makes this thing called "Three Strikes and You're Out", in which Greg would mark a X whenever he caught his family screwing up, and Rodrick got his three strikes before Greg explained the penalty for getting three strikes. At brunch, Rodrick gave Greg a lot of Grandpa's awful watercress salad.

Sunday, January 2nd[]

Since winter break is almost over, Greg and Rowley don't know what to do. He explains there is this weird kid named Fregly that lives between Greg and Rowley's house, and talks to him each time Greg goes to Rowley's house. Sometimes, Fregly creeps out Greg by his explanations, luckily he stays indoors whenever school is around, except in school vacations. In fact, Fregly used to be in school until the first grade. Whenever Fregly needs to go to the bathroom, he says, "Juice! Juuuiice!". Even though the students know what he's saying, the teachers don't seem to realize that and bring him juice. Now, Fregly is homeschooled by his mother and is really smart, however Greg is skeptical of this.

Monday, January 3rd[]

When Greg was heading to his bus stop, he was surprised to find out Fregly was outdoors, asking him if his scab smelled funny to Greg. Greg signed up for Independent Study, in which he didn't want to, but the reason he signed himself up is to live down one of Greg's projects from Home Ec 1. The basic idea is that the kids are told to do a project without the teacher in the room. The catch is that everyone gets the same grade, depending on well how the project was made. However, there are kids from Mrs. Bunn's class that's in Greg's group, which could be a problem.

Tuesday, January 4th[]

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series 0613

Independent Study started off with Mr. Lowry telling everyone that they needed to build a robot. Everyone panicked but he said that they needed to come up with concepts for what a futuristic robot would look like and do. He then left the room and then the whole class started brainstorming ideas. Greg wrote a bunch of his ideas down on the whiteboard. The boys thought all of Greg's ideas were great but the girls didn't so they split up. Greg came up with another idea which was to type in your name so the robot would say your name back to you. Everyone was hot on the idea but they agreed that you shouldn't type in bad words because you wouldn't want it to curse. So they started writing a list of bad words the robot shouldn't say and Ricky Fisher was the most helpful. Mr. Lowry came back in the room and long story short Independent Study was cancelled for the rest of the year.

Wednesday, January 5th[]

All of the boys who got kicked out of Independent Study got put into different classes for third period so starting tomorrow Greg has Mr. Peters for botany. Rodrick used to have Mr. Peters and he always used to get in trouble for falling asleep during class. Frank came to Rodrick's defense and said that he put everyone to sleep back then too. After dinner, Frank reminded Greg that tomorrow night is the start of the winter swim team. This makes Greg talk about how his father hopes he is gonna blossom into great athlete but he never had that much drive.

Thursday, January 6th[]

Today was Greg's first day of swim practice and he did not want to go. He tried to give Ann Mom Bucks to get out of it but she told Greg a winter sport would be good for him because he'll be making new friends. However, Greg says half of the swim team was also on the soccer team so they'll beat him up the first chance they get. In the locker room, Greg discovers that his mom gave him a hand-me-down bathing suit from Rodrick and everyone there laughed. Shortly after, Greg got pantsed by one of the guys on the soccer team.

Friday, January 7th[]


Today Greg had his first botany lesson with Mr. Peter and it was exactly what Rodrick said. Mr. Peter talked so slow and quiet that Greg felt like he swallowed a handful of sleeping pills. Greg didn't get that much sleep the other day and he had swim practice tonight. During swim practice, Greg was the slowest and kids would tap or pull his feet to tell him to get out of the way. As soon as practice ended, Greg and Rowley made a beeline to the car. If there was one thing that made swim practice tolerable it was having a ride in a toasty car and heading home.

Saturday, January 8th[]

Rowley's parents went out to dinner and got Rowley a babysitter. Greg thinks it's weird as he's a 7th grader but he didn't complain as the babysitter is always Lori Matthews who was the prettiest out of all of her sisters. However, to his surprise the Jeffersons hired a new babysitter which was Rowley's next-door neighbor, Leland. The reason why was the Jeffersons caught Lori smoking outside. At Rowley's house, they played Dungeons and Dragons a game that allows you to use your own imagination to do whatever you want which was fun. When Greg got home, he told Ann that Leland is a really good Dungeon Master, Rodrick after hearing this told Greg that Leland is the biggest nerd at his school and Greg took his opinion with a grain of salt.

Sunday, January 9th[]

Frank went to the mall and brought a dog for a surprise without telling Ann. Greg says one of the reasons why his dad decided to buy a dog was Rodrick's fish died the other day. Frank told Greg that the fish died of "natural causes" however Greg recounts 10 minutes before Frank told everyone that, he'd seen Frank flush it down the toilet. The family tried to come up with a name for the dog. Greg wanted to name the dog after one of the Dungeons and Dragons characters but no one liked his idea. Manny suggested that the dog's name should be after what they were eating during dinner. He then started suggesting animal names and Rodrick liked that idea and suggested some names too. After that things were getting pretty heated so Ann put the end to it and said the dog's name is Sweetie and Greg thought that was terrible name as the dog was a boy not a girl.

Monday, January 10th[]

When Greg and Rowley showed up at their bus stop today, there was a new sign that there had been a rezoning from their bus so the kids at Greg's street had to walk. When Greg arrived, he was totally worn out so staying awake in Mr. Peter's class was even harder. After finishing school, Greg realizes the worst part about the bus being rezoned was the walk back home as it's all uphill. Because of this Greg tries to come up with solutions such as getting his parents to drive him home from school. When Greg told his idea to Ann, she said that maybe he could pay them with Mom Bucks. Rodrick overhears the conversation and complains that he wasn't getting opportunities to earn money so Ann sent Rodrick to the mall to get a dog bowl for Sweetie but since Rodrick spelled it as "Sweaty", she refused to pay him.

Tuesday, January 11th[]

In Mr. Peters's class, Greg was so tired that he started hallucinating and feeling something was there when it's not. On the walk home, Greg was so tired that he was gonna fall asleep so to solve this, he took a nap at Collin's house. But Collin kept bothering him not knowing that he was trying to rest. Greg was about to let him have it when he saw what he was holding in his hands. When Collin opened up the game, Greg realized that the money was Mom Bucks. Greg played with Collin and when he got up for a bathroom break, he stole the game money and went back home.

Wednesday, January 12th[]

After stealing Collin's game money, Greg tested on whether or not he was able to turn them in and Ann just took it like it's the real thing. Greg uses his Mom Bucks to get a ride from his dad who made him get in Ann's car which had all these embarrassing bumper stickers. To avoid getting teased, he made Frank drop him at the back of the school.

Thursday, January 13th[]

Frank figured out that his son is making him drop him at the back of the school so he decided to get him back by coming in his homeroom with his pants hiked up to his chest wearing his dad's giant sunglasses. Not only that, he sent Rodrick to pick up Greg during swim practice and his trucks heater was broken. At swim practice the coach said that if everyone could swim from one end of the pool to another he would let them go home early and Greg despite being the worst on his team made it. When Roger Hickey went, he intentionally made the team wait 25 extra minutes by pulling up for air with one foot and a half.

Friday, January 14th[]

Today Greg finds a solution to avoid the pain of walking up the hill when he gets out of school which was to get Rowley to carry him by challenging him. Greg says he got the inspiration from Rodrick who would tell Greg that he wouldn't be able to do something in 20 seconds. However Greg's plan backfired when he went up to Rowley's house to play Dungeons and Dragons because Rowley just fell asleep.

Saturday, January 15th[]

Ann overhears Greg on the phone asking Leland if he could come over and play Dungeons and Dragons. This made her suspicious and despite all the begging from Greg, Ann tags along with him. During their stay, Rowley and Leland couldn't care less but with his mother being there Greg felt like a dork playing in front of her then after a period of time, she told Leland that she wanted to play.


Leland made her a character but Ann said that she wants her character to be Greg's mother in the game so Greg quickly told her that all the characters are orphans which worked but Ann found a loophole and named her character "mom" which ruined the experience for Greg.

After a while, Greg had enough and went home. Surprisingly, Ann actually liked the game and was talking about it on the way home. Greg hopes that she doesn't plan on becoming a regular at these games.

Sunday, January 16th[]

After church, Greg asks Ann if she would take him to the book store to get a Dungeons and Dragons book but Ann bought every single book in there and Greg didn't even have to turn in a single Mom Buck. But Ann only bought these books to get Rodrick to play with Greg. Greg said that playing with Rodrick will be much worse. Greg spent two hours to come up with names that Rodrick couldn't make fun of. When they're ready, they started the game only with the game ending quickly after Rodrick killing Greg's character straight away.

Monday, January 17th[]

Greg didn't have school today and was planning to play video games all day long but Frank made a new rule that he had to go outside for at least half an hour. Greg eventually complied mostly because Sweetie was driving him crazy from all that barking caused by Frank telling Sweetie to find the rabbits that was on TV as a joke. Because of that, now Sweetie keeps on barking until the commercial with the rabbits comes back on.

Tuesday, January 18th[]


Greg had a dream where he was flying through the air at 2 miles per hour naked during Mr. Peters' class after falling asleep. This made Mr. Peters give Greg detention to which he would be serving tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 19th[]

Greg walks in the detention room where he sees the only empty seat which was in front of Kenny Keith who hates him because Greg ruined his perfect season in soccer. For an hour, Kenny was flicking Greg's ears and blowing spitballs in his hair when the moderator, Mr. Bertrand wasn't looking. After about 20 minutes Kenny got careless and knocked on Greg's head when Bertrand turned around and catches him who gives him a warning. However, as soon as Mr. Bertrand wasn't looking, Greg pretended that Kenny was picking on him by clapping his hands. This resulted in Kenny getting 2 more weeks of detention. The rest of detention was peaceful for Greg as Kenny got moved to the front of the room.

Thursday, January 20th[]

Ann and Frank has been getting on Rodrick to focus and do his science project early because they didn't want a repeat of last year. His project was to see if watching violent movies make people think violent thought which is supposedly an excuse to watch movies on a school night.


Rodrick and his friends got the watching part done but didn't do any other parts of the project so when Ann finds out at midnight a day before the project is due, she woke up Greg and Frank to draw pictures while she got Rodrick started on the computer. Rodrick barely passed but didn't acknowledge that anyone helped him out.

Friday, January 21st[]

Last night, Greg made the mistake of letting Sweetie in his room where he jumped on Greg's bed and started sleeping even when Greg tried to get him off the bed. Greg had to share the bed with Sweetie who slept on his comforter so he had to sleep on top of it. Greg didn't get any sleep so he fell asleep in Mr. Peters' class. At home, Greg's parents set up expectation for Rodrick's science project and he had to think of a topic tonight. Rodrick and Greg were watching TV where Rodrick got an idea which was a project on zero gravity after seeing the astronauts on TV being taller after they came back to Earth. He told his parents with Ann seeing it as an excuse to lay around all day but Frank was all for it. However, he started to change his mind after asking Rodrick to take Greg to swim practice where he told him he can't.

Saturday, January 22nd[]

It started snowing hard so Greg called Rowley to attempt to break the world record for the biggest snowman. They started to make the first snowball however after creating the snowball to around 4 feet, it stopped snowing. So Greg changed his plan decided to get revenge on the Whirley Street kids because they always use their hill to sled.

Sunday, January 23rd[]

When Greg woke up, the snow started melting so he called Rowley to come over to put the plan into action. While waiting, Manny was building a snowman from the leftover snow that is still on the ground. Without putting any thought, he kicked and destroyed Manny's snowman and was caught by Frank so Frank got a shovel from the garage and head towards Greg's snowball where he dismantled it. Rowley came over and was disappointed to find out what happened until they got pelted by snowballs from the Whirley Street kids.

Monday, January 24th[]

In this entry, Greg complains all the expectation set by him that Sweetie doesn't meet for a dog. Sweetie always stays in Greg's bed every day not because he likes Greg but is using his bed. Sweetie scratches Greg's door every night until he lets him in then he ignores Greg then jumps on his bed where he gets all his paws wet while distracting Greg with all the noises that he makes. Frank has been trying to get the dog's attention but failing to do so as Sweetie only likes Ann who barely pays attention to him. Frank is always trying to get the dog to kiss him and his past attempts were failures except for tonight where he actually gave him a lick probably because there was spaghetti sauce on Frank's face but nonetheless Frank is still happy about it.

Tuesday, January 25th[]

Greg has a history paper due tomorrow but he choses to ignore it because there was supposed to be a big snowstorm that'll last for 2 days. After playing some video games, he decided to peek at the window to see if there was any snow but to his dismay there was no snow to be seen. He turns on the weather channel to see what happened to the blizzard that was suppose to occur however the weather guy was talking about a different story. That meant that he had to work on his history paper today however with Sweetie distracting him, he couldn't concentrate so he asked his dad to type up his papers for him because he always helps Rodrick after he keeps on begging for help. But Frank told Greg that he was on his own. Rodrick overhears the conversation and made him an offer of 1,000 Mom Bucks for his old history paper the same assignment that Mrs. Lion assigned to Greg. Greg was pretty temped to accept his offer because Rodrick's paper was written by Frank but he declines it. However, after some researching, the power went out so Greg had to accept Rodrick's offer by paying him an additional 9,000 Mom Bucks.

Wednesday, January 26th[]

Greg goes to school early so he could copy Rodrick's history paper before class started. However after looking at the paper Greg realized that it wasn't typewritten and instead was in Rodrick's own handwriting. The whole reason why Greg brought the paper off Rodrick was because Frank used to write all of his papers for him. Greg then realized that Rodrick got into a big fight with Frank and they didn't speak to each other for a month so he probably had to do this paper on his own. Greg then held his breath and read the paper to see if it was useful.

Rodrick's paper ended up in the first trash can Greg could find. Greg just had to take his "F" and move on. When Greg got home, Susan was right at the front door. Apparently Rodrick had tried to cash in all of his Mom Bucks for a used motorcycle and Susan of course knew something was fishy as Rodrick never earned a single Mom Buck on his own. Susan made Greg cough up all the Mom Bucks he had and then announced that the Mom Bucks program was officially over. Susan was about to lay down some kind of punishment but a phone call distracted her and saved the day. It was Gramma, telling Susan that Uncle Gary is getting married which wasn't surprising as he has been married three times before.

Thursday, January 27th[]

Frank has been pushing Greg to sign up to be a Safety Patrol. At first Greg didn't want to do it but he then realized that having a position of authority could be good. Plus, Greg found out that Safety Patrols get free hot chocolate in the morning and are allowed to be ten minutes late to class. So Greg signed up and got Rowley to sign up too. Tonight was a swim practice night and Greg has about had it with the swim team so he asked the coach if he could use the bathroom. Greg's plan was to sit in the locker room and wait out practice but it was cold in there and he couldn't bring his towel in the bathroom or the coach would get suspicious. It got so cold that Greg had to wrap himself in toilet paper just so he didn't get hypothermia.

Friday, January 28th[]

Greg says he solved the mystery of why his Dad was so hard on him, and it all came together when he found a flyer on the table by his bed. Frank has been forcing Greg to shape up so he gets accepted to Bishop Garrigan High School. Greg isn't in the 8th grade yet, but it looks like they've got a deal so that they lock you in early. He wasn't too worried about Bishop Garrigan because it was so far off in the future. Dad would think that he would realize by now that Greg isn't Garrigan material, but Greg thinks Frank hasn't been paying attention for 12 years. So that weekend, Greg is trying to convince him that he's wasting time getting Greg into that school. He also thought about the science project, named "Can My Brother Grow by Laying Horizontal?" Greg says the integrity thing should be easy. Him and Rowley were going to do a bunch of prank calls in the basement, but Greg decided he'll do them out in the open. Greg's neighbor, Mr. Blair, got his BMW dropped off to get his windshield replaced. So, he pretended he was the mechanic, and he accidently sent his car to the junkyard, where it got squashed by the trash compactor. He also tries to get Frank focused on his athletic skills by slipping in video tapes of his sport performances during Family Movie Nights on Sundays.

Saturday, January 29th[]

When Greg was about to start proving that he didn't need to go to Bishop Garrigan to Frank, Susan and Frank tricked Greg into staying with his grandpa by telling Greg they need him to move the desk at Grandpa's, despite it being light then leaving to meet Uncle Gary's new fiancée. Greg says that his parents do these tricks constantly when they are going out of town. At Grandpa's, Greg says that there is nothing entertaining to him he can do, since he broke a wind-up Santa toy the last time he went there. Greg wishes that his parents would've given a warning so he can pack up his video games and bring them there along with a sleeping bag, since he had to share a bed with Grandpa. Grandpa then shouted that there is monkeys in the walls, which shocked Greg and caused him to believe it and spent the night in the bathroom with the lights on.

Sunday, January 30th[]

When Greg left Grandpa's, he gets a stomach cramp from eating only the old candies that were only for decoration. With the open house coming up for Bishop Garrigan, Greg is disappointed since there is no way he can get out of going to the open house.

Monday, January 31st[]

Before Greg and Frank left for the open house, Greg begs Frank not to go, which Frank refuses to. When Frank opened the door, he was irritated that Bill, the guitarist in the Loded Diper was blocking Frank's car with his van. When Frank discovers that Bill, a guy that Frank hates went to Bishop Garrigan, Frank went inside the house and doesn't take Greg to the open house.