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This page shows the synopsis of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid online book of the month February.

Tuesday, February 1st[]

At Greg's school today, the kids watched this movie called "Free to Be You and Me", which is showed every year. The basic idea is to teach kids that you're supposed to be yourself and not change anything about yourself also. However, Greg disagrees with the message, due to the fact that it gives bullies a green light to pick on the rest of the kids, which is why Greg wanted to be a safety patrol. So this afternoon, Greg and Rowley went down to Mr. Winsky's office and got their badges handed to them. Mr. Winsky tells them that the regular safety patrol assignments are filled, but they have to walk the kindergarteners home that come for the morning session. Greg realizes that it means missing out most of French class.

Wednesday, February 2nd[]

Greg found out more advantages of being a patrol, which is staying inside the school (due to the fact that it's cold outside), while getting hot chocolate as a bonus. He decides to test if he can be 10 minutes late to first period without being in trouble, and succeeded in doing so. At 12:15, Greg and Rowley went outside to take the morning session kindergarteners home, and there was only 15 minutes left of French.

Thursday, February 3rd[]

Greg is currently having another problem with Sweetie, which is the fact the dog tries to climb under the blankets to get warm, luckily, he gives up and whimpers on top of the bed, thus making it impossible for Greg to sleep. Madame Lefrere then complained to Mr. Winsky that it didn't take two patrols to walk the kindergarteners home, so from now on, Greg and Rowley walk on alternate days. Rowley volunteered to take the first shift, while Greg and his classmates write down forums of pen-pals. Instead of filling out forums for French teenagers, Greg fills out forums for a 17-year old girl from the Netherlands. Madame also lets Greg write down Rowley's forum, and chooses a French teenage boy for him.

Friday, February 4th[]

Greg also has a new problem; the dog using Greg's face as a launching pad when Sweetie hears the doorbell. When Greg takes the second shift, there was only 5 minutes left of French, making Madame Lefrere angry at him for being late. Greg found out that his planned-pen-pal went from a 17-year old girl from the Netherlands to a French boy Greg's age named Mamadou SaintPierre, and everyone was writing letters to their pen-pals. In his letter, Greg mails Mamadou if they should write in English to keep things simple.

Saturday, February 5th[]

Greg manages to get his parents to letting Greg quit the winter swim team by saying that it makes him so tired that he is struggling to live up his full potential as a safety patrol. He then assumes why Frank wanted him to quit, as he is tired of driving Greg and Rowley from and to the pool. He decides to sleep more since he missed out on having more sleep time.