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Wednesday, December 1st[]

Ms. Jordan realizes that her dictionary that sits on her desk was missing. She uses the word "Stolen" and says that if it isn't returned she would keep everyone inside for recess until it does. However, no one did return it and Ms. Jordan kept everyone inside as stated. She makes Patty Farrell the class monitor, and the entire class behaved.

Thursday, December 2nd[]

Ms. Jordan keeps everyone inside for recess once more, and this time applied Alex Aruda as the class monitor. However, because Alex focuses on his work and has zero authority, The class went absolutely nuts the second she left the room.

Some of the kids who were tired of being kept inside decide to target several nerdy kids, like Scotty Lamb and Peter Knouff. Both confessed but only because the pressure was rising in their bodies. Greg theorizes that he has a day and a half until the kids corner him and wonders if buying a dictoniary and confessing would be the right thing to do.

Friday, December 3rd[]


The third day of Mrs. Jordan keeping everyone inside for recess. Greg wonders from his experience reading Encyclopedia Brown books that it takes a nerd to get you out of a real pinch and he and a bunch of other kids go to Alex Aruda for help. however, he did not know what they were talking about as he had been wrapped around in his book all that time and that if he was punished it wouldn't bother Alex because he always stays inside to read during recess.

Greg and his classmates explained the facts to Alex, but since he reads Encyclopedia Brown books as well, he demanded a $10 each for solving it, and getting it done before class ends. The kids are shocked to find out that Alex Aruda was the so-called "Dictionary Thief" all this time, and that he borrowed it to look up words he didn't know.

The kids make Scotty Lamb put the book back on the teacher's desk as Alex wasn't dumb enough to do it himself. However, Ms. Jordan walked right at that moment, thinking that Scotty stole it. She had also forgotten about her "no consequences" promise and sets Scotty on a one-week recess suspension. Greg sees that the sunny side to the whole situation is that he would be having Alex Aruda to keep him company.

Saturday, December 4th[]

Greg wakes up to a day where he thinks it's a school day and then he finds out it isn't. However, Frank wakes Greg up to take him for his Dentist's Appoinement with Dr. Alcazar. Greg finds him the worst and wants to switch over to Manny's dentist Gental Dental because of a sign reading "We Cater to Cowards", which he points himself into, but Ann thinks that if Greg did that he would hurt Dr. Alcazar's feelings. Greg knows that Ann doesn't understand a single thing about Dr. Alcazar because he knows that he has no feelings.

Dr. Alcazar then does his teeth and is grumpy and disgusted with him all throughout. He scolds Greg for his eating habits and drinking soda. He goes rough on him by doing X-Rays and soon puts some plastic on his teeth. When Greg does bite he accidentally bites Dr. Alcazar's finger instead. Furious, he gives Frank a pamhelet saying that Greg must wear Headgear and tells Greg he has to wear it at all times. Greg wonders if Dr. Alcazar is trying to ruin his social life.

As soon as Greg gets home he takes the Headgear off. Ann tells him to keep it on or otherwise he would have teeth like Rodrick's. Greg tells the readers that he was the reason why Rodrick stopped wearing his retainer after he tried it on himself when he was younger.

Sunday, December 5th[]

Greg has to spend the day with Gramma because his parents are doing errands. Manny was already there as he spent the night with her, with Gramma feeling dissopointed because she wanted to spend the day with Manny alone.

Greg mentions that Gramma pretends she doesn't have a favorite kid but her refrigerator says otherwise with loads of pictures of Manny, one of which having only the back of Greg's head and no photos of Rodrick. Whenever anyone mentions about the photos to her Gramma says that she loves her grandchildren all the same and doesn't openly admit that Manny is her favorite. This is in comparison with Grampa who openly tells everyone that Greg is his favourite grandson. Greg does say that he was Gramma's favorite a long time ago but ruined it for himself when she wouldn't let him have extra Ice Cream after dinner, causing Greg to write a note that states that she hates her. Gramma kept the note, framed it and shows it to people who visit her house to guilt-trip Greg.

Monday, December 6th[]

Greg explains how he has not mentioned his fish in a while, it was because it boreshim as his fish does not do anything interesting. However, he discovers today that Rodrick's fish ate Manny's fish and the eyes of Greg's. He moves it to the kitchen but Frank says that he can't eat dinner with Greg's fish looking like that, but Greg says that he wants to make sure Rodrick's fish didn't do anything funny.

Tuesday, December 7th[]

Greg mentions about how Rodrick does his papers. He writes everything down on notebook paper, gives it to Frank who informs him that it has factual errors. Rodrick doesn't care and makes Frank write it anyway but in actuality he re-writes the whole paper from scratch as he can't stand errors, gives it back to Rodrick and gets a high grade every time, pretending that he did it himself.

This time, Ann decides that Rodrick should do his own work. However, Rodrick only types one letter a minute and asks Frank questions like where the Space Bar on the keyboard is. Eventually, Frank cracked and typed up the whole thing once Ann went to bed.

Wednesday, December 8th[]

Greg complains how whenever he wakes up, he is cold, and Frank is angrily waking him up. Greg doesn't like this because Frank wakes him up ten minutes before Ann is out of the shower. To avoid this, Greg takes his blankets with him and sleeps on the air vent which also has it's issues when the heat goes off and Greg is lying on cold metal.

Recently, Greg soon finds Ann's old bathrobe ane begins to wear it. However Greg theorizes that kind of thing is now over after he wore the bathrobe over the heat vent, with the air blowing it up; leading to Frank getting angry. When Greg got back home from School he notices what appears to be a pink bathrobe in boxes that the Heffleys are selling to Goodwill.

Thursday, December 9th[]

At dinner, Ann finds out on the phone from Rowley's Mother that Mrs. Smedly gave birth to a week old baby boy. Frank chokes on his burger because he finds out that means another Smedly Half-Birthday Party is on the horizon.

Every time a Smedly Boy turns six-months old, the family hold a big Half-Birthday party and invite all the neighbors. The main highlight is when the adults try to make the baby laugh as Mr. Smedly tapes it all in their attempt to win the grand prize on America's Funniest Home Videos. Greg lists two funny examples - One during Seth Smedly's party when Mr. Jordan splits his pants doing jumping jacks, and another during Shane Smedly's party where Mr. Lee falls backwards into Shane's baby pool. While the Smedly's sent those videos in, they never got a call back from the show and Greg theorizes they'll continue to have birthday parties and kids until they win.

Every year when it's Frank's turn he finds some way to avoid doing it because he hates performing in front of people as he would be laughed at by the entire neighborhood. This year though, Ann forced him to be a good sport and take his turn. After that, he went straight to bed although Greg hoped he would take him and Rowley out for Ice Cream.

Friday, December 10th[]

Greg finds out that someone in the house stole his snacks like Ho Hos because he only got two fruits.

Saturday, December 11th[]

Greg's grandpa is having his birthday in the Heffley house, and also, Rodrick's fish ate Greg's fish. Frank explained to him that he used to have a cat named Nutty, but he ran away to a butterfly farm, and it turns out that Grandpa left the cat outside in the cold weather, causing it to be frozen. It angers Frank, because Grandpa lied to him, so he decided to kick Grandpa out.

Sunday, December 12th[]

The Sears Catalog came in the mail, and Greg and Manny fought over it, but Rodrick does not because he puts his wish list on the fridge. Greg then attempts to trick Manny into thinking that if he circled stuff that is expensive, he'll just get a bunch of clothes like Greg, but Manny circled stuff in the catalog anyway. He then talks about how when he was way younger, he asked for a Barbie Dream House, however, the parents fight over if Greg should have it or not, but Frank wins, meaning Greg has to pick something else, so then he hits up Uncle Freddie but got him a Barbie doll. Frank finds out, making Greg do two things, give it away to someone, or throw it away, but Greg refuses, causing him to go to the ER to get a shoe out of his nose.

Monday, December 13th[]

Greg gets called down to Vice Principal Roy's office because he won Honorable Mention in the anti-smoking posters, but the kid who won 1st place is Charles Carny, however, he is a hypocrite since he smokes.

Tuesday, December 14th[]

Mr. Underwood made an announcement that the girls and the boys will be doing different units, and the girls will do gymnastics, and the boys will do wrestling. After learning about how after gym comes to lunch, and the kids were fighting, he decides to rent a few wrestling video games to learn moves, and got the hang of it, and plans to be better at wrestling and impress his dad. However, he learns not to be too well when a kid named Preston Mudd was honored "Athlete of the Month", and his picture was in the hallway, so kids called him "Pee Mud".

Wednesday, December 15th[]

Greg finds out that the kind of wrestling at school is different from the wrestling on TV. He had to wear singlets, which looked like bathing suits in the 1800s. Mr. Underwood gets a few volunteers to demonstrate some moves. Greg and Rowley were not going to do it and went to the curtain separating the two sides of the gym, however after the girls giggled at them, they went back. At lunch, he found out that the snack thief has taken Greg's Ho Hos, and replaced them with raisins, so he traded a sandwich for a half a bag of M&M's. Greg then asks his dad to set up a trap that the cans will come crashing down if somebody trips or touches the lines.

Thursday, December 16th[]

Mr. Underwood divided everyone into groups by weight. Greg only got one kid beside him that is named "Stinky Williams", in which he smells like rotten eggs. However, Stinky was paying attention and was knocking Greg out. A few kids got signed excuses from their moms and dads to get out of the wrestling unit, so he made them go to Home Ec class. After the gym class, Greg throws his singlet in the trash can due to the bad smell. During lunch, his planned-to-bring Twizzlers were stolen and only got a sandwich. Greg goes to the laundry room, and the snacks were not there. So he decides to dig around Rodrick's basement to find if he had stolen it, but to no avail too. After Rodrick walks in, he hides into his desk, and he got out of the room when Rodrick went to get another phone.

Friday, December 17th[]

The kids are now wrestling in the hallways, classrooms, and even the court in which it has the "Cheese". There is also one worse thing, in which bullies get away with their actions, so he becomes near the recess monitors, but Kenny and his gang ask him to wrestle, but Greg refuses. He still has to wrestle with Stinky, and decided to stuff his clothes with socks, but was too light to move up.

Saturday, December 18th[]

Ann makes a gingerbread house for Christmas Eve, however, Greg and the rest are not allowed to eat it, since its intention is for decoration. Every night last year, Greg would sneak into the kitchen and eat a few parts, and when Ann uncovered it on Christmas Eve, she was surprised and knew that Greg did it. After Christmas, she made a news column about her son lying.

Sunday, December 19th[]

Since Greg and Rodrick are complaining about not getting money, Ann started a new thing called "Mom Bucks". By doing chores and good deeds, they will get Mom Bucks. After a while, they can redeem them for real money or getting passes for doing chores. They get started with 500 Mom Bucks ($5.00 in real money). Rodrick then wasted $5 on getting out of doing the dishes for a week. Greg asks his mom if he can do good deeds, and suggested he should make Christmas cards. However, Greg did not do a good job, and his mom threw them in the trash can.

Monday, December 20th[]

Greg then decided to find out who was stealing the snacks, and found out it was Frank. Ann then comes in, so Greg blames it on himself so Frank would not get in trouble.

Tuesday, December 21st[]

Greg has been thinking of gaining 20 pounds to move out of Stinky William's weight class. Greg decided that he wants to gain weight in muscle not fat so he told his mom and dad his plans. Ann told Greg that if he wants a new weight set then he's gonna have to stick with a routine then Frank said that maybe he could get one for Christmas. Then Ann told Greg and Frank that she's gonna have the snacks locked up. Frank wasn't fond of the idea and told her that he should have a back-up key but Ann shut his idea down.

Wednesday, December 22nd[]

After school, Greg tried to start a weight lifting program. He went to the fridge and emptied out the milk and orange and put sand in then attached a broom with it and had make a pretty decent barbell. Greg then made a bench press out of an iron board and some boxes. And then Rowley arrived. He was the first one to use the bench press he did about five reps and wanted to quit. While he was doing his reps, Greg got a phoney nose and mustache out of Rodrick's junk draw. Rowley totally lost his concentration and couldn't lift the barbell off his chest so Greg had to bail Rowley out.

Thursday, December 23rd[]

When Greg got to the bus stop, he saw Rowley holding a Christmas present and remembered it was Secret Santa Day. Luckily, Ann pulled up and gave him a gift for Bryon Brown wrapped. Unfortunately, Ann didn't get the whole "Secret Part" of "Secret Santa" as she wrote Greg's name down causing the whole class to laugh and make fun of him. The Heffleys then went to the store to buy a gift for The Giving Tree Guy and Frank picked up ans extra-large wool sweater.

Friday, December 24th (Christmas Eve)[]

Greg talks about how Rodrick once said that he doesn't believe in Santa and how he pretends he is still onboard with the concept so he still gets a normal amount of presents unlike Rodrick.

Saturday, December 25th (Christmas)[]


When Greg got out of bed and dug through his stocking, he was expecting a ton of comic books, candy, toys and more but all he got was a stick of deodorant and a travel dictionary. Greg then started to dig threw the packages to look for the ones with his name on but every single present that said "From Santa" said To Manny on the end. Greg started to give out his gifts to his family. When he gave his gift to Rodrick he gave him the "Best of Little Cutie" unwrapped which was double insult as Rodrick knows how much Greg hates Little Cutie. Greg went behind the couch and opened his gifts just about every one was clothes however Manny got it made. He got everything he circled in that Sears Catalog, no lie. Ann called Greg and Manny over and sure enough, Mary-Lou's present was matching Christmas sweaters. When Uncle Joe and his kids arrived, Ann made Greg put on a maroon and Ruby shirt and he realized that those were the colors of the school uniform at Bishop Garrison. Greg states that he thought he put an end to this a couple of weeks ago when he deleted that message from the admissions apartment. Greg was watching Manny playing with his toys feeling sorry for himself when Ann gave him her present. He ripped up the packaging hoping it was Twisted Wizard Black but it turns out Ann misplaced the gifts at church so it was The Giving Tree Guy's wool sweater. Greg went to Rowley's and gave him the gift Rodrick got him and since his Parents got him the Twisted Wizard game, Greg played it for a while.

Sunday, December 26th[]

Ann went out and brought a new copy of Twisted Wizard Black but before Greg could start playing the game Ann told him he had to write his thank-you notes first. After two or three, Greg realized he was practically writing the same thing again and again so he wrote up a general form on the computer with blanks for the things that he needed to change. The template worked well for the first few gifts but after that not so much. Greg was smart enough to seal up the cards before handing it off to Ann and he got his game just like she promised.

Monday, December 27th[]

Rodrick got a model rocket for Christmas and he and Frank had been working together on putting the rocket together. They finished it today and were going out to launch it. Frank knocked on Greg's door and offered him to go with them and Greg figured it was better than nothing. They went to the park where Frank and Rodrick set the rocket on the launch pad. After they finished, Rodrick offered Greg to launch the rocket. When Greg did it, it went 300 feet in the air. Real quickly the parachute deployed and the wind blew the rocket over a hill. They all chased after the rocket but they lost sight of it shortly after. They all split up to look for it and after about an hour, Greg found it stuck in a tree in perfect condition and he got it down and ran to Rodrick and Frank, excited to be the hero for the day, but then he tripped and fell on it. Since Rodrick and Frank didn't see Greg that happened, Greg lies that he found it in this shape.

Tuesday, December 28th[]

Over the past few days, Greg couldn't stop thinking about what Albert Sandy said before Christmas break. He claimed that he knew a guy who's cousin figured out a way you could jump your own height in five days. The basic idea is that on the first day you dig a hole and then jump in it ten times and the next day you double the size of the hole and if you keep doing that your practically a kangaroo. Everyone told Albert he was full of baloney but Greg thought his plan made a lot of sense so he called Rowley up to be his training partner. Once Rowley got to Greg's house, Ann spotted them holding a shovel. To make a long story, they had to go to Rowley's house to stay digging. They found a good spot in the front yard and started digging but they couldn't even make a dent. After a while, Greg and Rowley went inside for a break which turned into a three hour Twisted Wizard session.

Wednesday, December 29th[]

Greg decided to give up on the hole idea and instead use it to bury a time capsule. Rowley liked the idea so he put in his comic books, action figures, and video games and then told Greg that it was not fair as everything in the box was only the stuff he got for Christmas so Greg manipulates him by saying he was the one who came up with the idea and that he was throwing 100 Mom Bucks in exaggerating the value of it. Greg thought putting in Mom Bucks was a great idea as somebody in the future who finds the box would think that Mom Bucks is the old currency so he will travel back in time to award Greg. Rowley suggested they should work in half-hour shifts but Greg says that he did all the work yesterday so the shovel was all Rowley's. Rowley didn't do much progress though so Greg just put the box in the hole and covered it up.

Thursday, December 30th[]

Since New Years' is tomorrow, Greg guesses he should start thinking about his New Years' resolutions. Greg mentions last year that Ann came up with Greg and Rodrick's resolution because they were fighting all the time and she wanted to put a stop to it so she made them watch a corny movie. After the movie, she asked Greg and Rodrick if that gave him any ideas. Rodrick told Greg that they should start serving each other breakfast like the kids in the movie were. Greg and Rodrick agreed that they should have a contest to see who could serve breakfast each other for the most amount of days. Greg went first and he lasted for 23 days so now it was Rodrick's turn to serve breakfast but he gave up on the first day.

Friday, December 31st[]

Greg claims that he is writing this under the covers. He got sent to bed an hour ago and it was all because he was trying to have fun with Manny. Earlier on, he and Manny were horsing around in the basement, Greg found a little ball of thread and told him it was a spider. He pinned him down and held it over him like he was gonna make him eat it. When, Greg was about to let him free, Manny slapped his hand, which made him drop the ball of thread and swallowed it. Manny immediately started crying and shrieking to Ann.


He blabbed that Greg made him eat a spider and Greg explained that it wasn't a spider just a tiny ball of thread. Ann brought Manny over to the kitchen table and put a seed, raisin and grape on the plate and told him which was the closest size to the thread. Manny went down the kitchen chair and pulled out an orange in the refrigerator. Yesterday, Greg went out to buy the Gamers' Guide to Twisted Wizard Black but he was just one buck short so he dug up the time capsule and cashed out the Mom Bucks. Greg said he probably should have left Rowley's stuff in there but if he did he wouldn't have anything to do for the rest of New Year's Eve.