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Friday, April 1st[]


It's April Fool's Day, and Greg explains how Rodrick doesn't get the idea of what a funny practical joke is like, as he almost always injures him. The year prior, Rodrick dares Greg to tie his shoelaces upside down for 50 cents, but the whole idea was so Rodrick could fire a paintball gun at his butt not once, but twice later on once Greg picks up his money after he told their dad.

Saturday, April 2nd[]

Susan convinces Rodrick to join the Church Folk Group as they are looking for a "percussionist". He thinks that they're gonna let him play drums, but it turns out they were looking for maraca players.

Greg also mentions that he now has no excuse to get out of Rowley's Birthday Party, as church was that night instead of the following day. Rowley's birthday parties, according to Greg, are all the same - he invites his cousins who aren't older than 5, they're always at kids' places in the mall, and Rowley's parents videotape the parties. He then goes on about the year prior, which Greg says is the worst mainly for a game called "I Love You Because".

Sunday, April 3rd[]

Rowley's Birthday Party takes place, and is exactly as what Greg expects - it's at a kiddie place called Gymboree, and his cousins showed up. During the games, Greg decides to hide under the ball pit, only to discover a kid hiding there. The kid was someone who was left over from the party before Rowley's, and the party is briefly paused while the staff try to track down the parents of the kid.

Rowley then has cake and opens his presents, which he gets the DinoBlasters action figure set, and to Greg's disgust - a Diary.

Greg then mentions that lately, Rowley has been copying everything he's been doing, one of which which happened before spring break ended up causing the two to be called down to the principal's office that afternoon.

Greg's anger then cools down when he discovered how girly the Diary is, and now feels the same about his own journal. When Rowley says that he and Greg are now "Diary Twins", Greg slugs him in the arm as his reaction.

Monday, April 4th[]

Spring Break is over, to which Greg is crabby because everybody was talking about Kristina Erickson's big party. He gets more crabby when Greg's social studies teacher asks Rowley to talk about his South America trip, which he continues to blurt on about, even attracting some girls.

Greg then mentions that he's not looking forward to tomorrow, ether, because of Career Day.

Tuesday, April 5th[]

At Career Day, Greg and his classmates fill out these job forms to which Greg presumes that the job forms will make them think about their future lives. The first question of the form was about seeing yourself in 15 years from now, which Greg says he'll be counting his money in his future mansion, but no check box for that one.

Greg ended up getting "Paralegal" on his job chart, and then "CEO" with his second form. With some of Greg's classmates unhappy with their jobs, Mrs. Battle said that they shouldn't take the jobs seriously, despite having Charlie Welsh (who got Sanitation Worker) clean up the classroom.

Greg discovers that Rowley and Andrea Trotter both got Flight Attendant for their jobs and presumes that Rowley is getting gossip from Andrea and her friends and they're talking about Greg.

Wednesday, April 6th[]

At lunch, Greg hears the table Rowley and Andrea and her friends sitting at and hears whispers and giggles. Greg assumes that Rowley's talking about the one incident in 5th grade where Greg's class had to do skits while saying Spanish phrases with Greg making a hole on the drywall with his butt attempting to do a headstand and how the school never fixed it. In also assume of Rowley writing down the events of lunch at school and the embarrassing incident, Greg steals Rowley's diary but can't unlock it since it requires a key.

Thursday, April 7th[]

At CCD (like a church school at nighttime), the topic was about the belief that you never knowing a person you met was actually Jesus in disguise. Greg says it makes him paranoid, as he'll probably guess wrong and find the wrong person. CCD gave the students a list of books that they need for the class, so Dad took Greg to the bookstore. In there, Greg realized that there were multiple Sweet Secrets diaries that utilize the same key, so Greg got one and put it along the pile of CCD books during checkout. At home, Greg used the key on the diary he bought on Rowley's diary but saw nothing about the embarrassing incident in the diary.

Friday, April 8th[]

When Greg got home from school, he found a note from his parents to note that they were on a “Weekend Getaway” and they would be back on Sunday, alongside the fact that Grandpa would be babysitting. When he does arrive, he also brought along his girlfriend Maurlene. Nobody was really fond of the idea of having them babysit - Rodrick vanished out of the house as soon as he could find his car keys, while Manny pretended to be mute, leaving Greg having to interact with both of them, playing Gin Rummy. Greg ends up going to bed at 7:30 that night, instead of his usual time of 10:00, despite Grandpa letting him stay up until 10:30.