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The One-Eyed Wizard is an old man with one eye who is the main antagonist of Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Adventure. He is the older brother of Santa Claus who humiliated him during childhood. He has been plotting his revenge on Santa ever since by tricking Roland the Kind into going on a journey to save his mom while pretending to be one of his allies until they open the Ice Fortress where he would fight them. He later turns good at the end of the book and created Lefty and Righty.


The One-Eyed Wizard was raised with his brother, Santa Claus. As a kid, his parents tend to favor his brother, constantly spoiling him. One day that would change everything came when his parents lets his brother choose the first holiday where he gets "Christmas," a holiday that was well-known but the One-Eyed Wizard got "Flag Day" which no cared about. As they got older, his brother went on to become one of the most well-known legends meanwhile the One-Eyed Wizard struggles to get any attention thanks to his holiday, making a fool out of himself.

He quickly gets jealous of his brother and started planning a way to get back at him after being hospitalized when he poked one of his eye out. The One-Eyed Wizard came up with a plan to attack Santa in the Ice Fortress during the summer, as he would be outnumbered fighting in the North Pole. The only thing that could set his plan back was that the only door which can only be unlocked by someone with a kind heart. For the next years, he was on the look-out for that person and finally he finds Roland.

The One-Eyed Wizard unleashes his plan first summoning a winter storm in Roland's village then hypnotizes Mrs. Nettles into telling the story about the White Warlock then sits in the Burnt Swamp. After defeating Medusa she tells Roland to look for the One-Eyed Wizard if he wanted to turn his friends back to normal. He meets Roland for the first time and over to Medusa's cave and turns Garg the Barbarian and Sherlock Holmes back along with every other victims.

Stephen and Shae'Vana joins the group, through the Razor Range they were under attack by ogres and only saved when the One-Eyed Wizard created Lefty. After the group was forced to swim through a lake infested with giant leeches the One-Eyed Wizard zaps every one of the leeches making a lot of noises in the process which starts a chase from the dwarves.

After the chase, everyone was tired so the wizard suggested that they could go a castle that was apparently abandon. The castle was occupied by Christoph who joins the team. They walk for days while dealing with Christoph's curses and tries to motivate everyone claiming that the White Warlock's staff could reverse it.

The last day to the Ice Fortress saw Shae'Vana stealing their map and the One-Eyed Wizard's eye which was critical because the eye was magical and he could see out of it even far away. However, Shae'Vana put it in her pocket, being suspicious of the wizard. This causes panic and the One-Eyed Wizard claims it was Sherlock's fault for not figuring that one of their members was a criminal. They eventually got their act together then went through a corn maze before crossing a lava river where Lefty drowns while saving everyone then creates Righty in place of him.

One night, Roland was hopeless, so he sat down by a fire where the One-Eyed Wizard reminded him that they were running out of time. However, a Little Mermaid appears and helps them out by calling out Narwhals to swim to the Ice Fortress.

When they reached the Ice Fortress, Shae'Vana took the One-Eyed Wizard's eye out of her pocket allowing him to see that she trying to find the secret entrance. Roland and the One-Eyed Wizard finds his eye and accidentally opens the door. The One-Eyed Wizard finally gets his chance to get his revenge and raised his wand up in front of Santa. Roland recognizes Santa's voice, who he thinks is the White Warlock, so the One-Eyed Wizard tells the whole truth and turns against everyone and started to fight against Santa.

Santa used his staff to throw snowballs at the One-Eyed Wizard but blocks it with a magic shield then fires back. They got close and threw everything at each other however it seemed like the One-Eyed Wizard was winning. Shae'Vana came in and recused Santa by shooting his wand off then shot 3 more arrows to pin him against the wall. While they were distracted, he took off his robe and stole Santa's staff then tries to blast them away but misses and hits the wall, allowing the rest of the group to join in the fight. As the group was attacking the wizard, he brings in Righty and almost suffocates them if it weren't for a surprise attack by Roland's mom which released them.

The One-Eyed Wizard was angry and took a step towards Roland's mom but was stabbed by Roland and turned him into a good guy. The battle was over and Santa gave a new flag with a rubber ball from Santa. As everyone was saying their goodbyes, the One-Eyed Wizard was invited by Roland to sleep in Bampy the Brave's old bedroom then celebrates Christmas with Roland's family.


Greg Heffley thought the chapter that introduced the One-Eyed Wizard was boring because it was just two guys talking to each other and will be used as a break by the audience once the book reaches theater.

Later Greg wanted to include gross stickers in the book with Sick Wizard as its cover for kids to add in their own humor. He suggest the group to pull a prank on the One-Eyed Wizard by throwing his eye on a wall.


The One-Eyed Wizard is vindictive and puts lots of thoughts into his plan. He is patient and strategic, but manipulative and willing to kill people. When he gets stabbed by Roland the Kind with his sword, he turned nice and penitence, apologizing for his actions full of remorse for what he did.


The One-Eyed Wizard is a thin wizard with a beard whose right eye is missing. He also has a staff in which he can use to do magical powers.


  • Given his hatred of his brother because of all the attention that he gets, he may be based on Fred Claus who is the protagonist of a film with the same name.