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Nurse Powell (known as Ms. Flowers in the online book) is the nurse at Greg Heffley's school. She appears in The Last Straw and The Ugly Truth.


The Last Straw[]

Nurse Powell is first mentioned when Greg sorts his dirty clothes into one pile that he can wear again and one pile that would get him sent to her office for a lecture on hygiene. During the Valentine's Dance, Nurse Powell and the school guidance counselor, Mr. Phillips, walk to the center of the gym and start dancing in the hopes of encouraging the students to join them, though they only guarantee that everyone stays in their seats.

The Ugly Truth[]

Nurse Powell teaches a class called "The Facts of Life", which is supposed to cover several topics in depth. On the first day of the class, she sends the kids whose parents refused to allow them in the class to the library and ends up confusing most of the students during the following lesson.

During the class, Nurse Powell assigns everyone a project where they must keep an egg safe for twenty-four hours. The next day, she walks around to grade everyone and is unimpressed with Greg, whose egg was cooked by Susan Heffley. She congratulates everyone who kept their eggs safe overnight, collects the eggs, and throws them out, which sends Rowley Jefferson and all the girls into hysterics.

Cabin Fever[]

Nurse Powell is indirectly mentioned after several students who are addicted to an energy drink called Rowdy Riot go down to her office due to withdrawal symptoms after the schools bans them.

The Third Wheel[]

She is indirectly mentioned on Page 164, when Greg says the chickenpox have been spreading like wildfire and that the past week four boys were sent home by her.

Hard Luck[]

Nurse Powell is indirectly mentioned when Freddie Harlahan ate a piece of ham off the floor because he thought Carl Dumas dropped it when it was actually might of been there from the group that had lunch before them, he ended up sick and had to go to her office for the rest of the day.

Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid[]

Nurse Powell is indirectly mentioned when Timothy Lautner got dissy and Mrs Beck had to send him to her office during the test.


In the online book, her role is mostly replaced by Ms. Flowers, who teaches a class called the "Reproductive Heath unit".


  • While Nurse Powell is not mentioned by name again, there is a possibility that she was fired in No Brainer, as it is noted that one of the two school nurses were let go amidst budget cuts, with the remaining one not being her.