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The Nurse's Station was a place where kids went to see the nurse at Hardscrabble Farms during the school's annual week long trip, for one grade of Greg's school.

Known cases at the Nurse's Station[]

  • Jeffrey Swanson did the trust fall activity and he fell when no one was ready; he is a big boy, and his weight hit Rowley and Gareth Grimes so hard that it caused them to collapse and smash into each other, causing Gareth to lose a tooth which ended up in Rowley's forehead. Rowley Jefferson had Gareth's tooth lodged in his head, which he ended up having to leave camp for, to get checked out with his mom, when the nurse at the nurse's station could not remove it because it was still lodged. Rowley ultimately returned to camp after surgery and recovering from an infection, with the tooth removed. When he returned to camp, he gave Gareth his tooth in a jar as Rowley was unsure what to do with it.
  • Melinda Henson ate three bowls of stew and got sick. She ended up at the nurse's station with indigestion for a few hours before returning to camp feeling fine. She ate the stew to make herself sick, because she was homesick.
  • Julian Trimble had a tick on his back and ate half a stick of deodorant which ended him up at the nurse's station until ultimately leaving camp, possibly the nurse called Julian Trimble's mother to come pick him up. This caused all the deodorant to be taken from everyone (or possibly just the boys since Greg's group decided to raid the girls for their deodorant, but since they never got any deodorant it is unknown) which turned out to be a bad decision, because it made everyone (or just the boys, since possibly only the boys' deodorant was taken) smell worse.
  • Rowley Jefferson got covered with Poison Ivy spots on Saturday morning after he woke up and he possibly got exposed to Poison Ivy after collecting a bunch of weeds and tossed them onto fire. It turned out he had collected a bunch of Poison Ivy leaves and his father, Mr. Jefferson had trouble breathing after he inhaled the fumes and got it into his lungs. They ended up in nurse's station and the nurse called Mrs. Jefferson to come pick them both up and left. This leaves Greg's group as the only group without a chaperone.