The Night of the Night Crawlers is an indie horror film that is directed by Greg Heffley. It is based on the script he wrote about when a husband and wife got eaten up by the Night Crawlers worms. Rowley Jefferson wanted to start filming the film right away, but Greg said he wouldn't start without a script first. So Greg wrote that.

They try to make Rowley the husband and Rowley-in-drag as the wife, and use gummy worms as the worms, but the Geese eat the gummy worms and mess the movie up.


Double Down

It begins with a man coming home from work in a good mood, whistling a happy song. He opens the door and goes into the kitchen where his wife is doing the dishes. He announces he will have a shower and the wife jokes, "Good, I can smell you from here". He then has a shower but worms come out instead of water. One eats his face, so he goes into the kitchen, telling his wife not to run the water, but she's already been eaten by the worms. At this stage, the man is freaked out and sad so they end on a joke with the man winking and saying "Well, I guess I'm single now." and winking at the screen. Then he saw outside the window and sees that there are worms outside, and the worms are now trying to eat him. Then he tries calling 911, but he already got eaten by the worms.



  • The movie is a parody of Squirm and The Blair Witch Project.

Gallery and storyboard

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