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Net Kritterz

Net Kritterz

Net Kritterz is an online virtual pet game that Greg Heffley started playing to fullfill his enjoyment of having something to take care of. It appears in Cabin Fever along with the CGI adaptations of the books.


Cabin Fever[]

Cabin Fever45.2

According to Greg, he plays Net Kritterz every free second he gets, having earned a mansion with an indoor swimming pool and a bowling alley as well as 150 different outfits for his pet chihuahua. The only thing Greg doesn't like about his pet is the name Susan Heffley registered him with, and he can't find anyway to alter it. Susan tells him that he takes care of his virtual pet more than he does with himself, however Greg is pressured to keep doing it as whenever he doesn't buy his pet new items his pet looks sad. An issue Greg has with the game is after you have acquired a certain amount of tokens you have to buy them with real money and it's not easy to convince Frank Heffley to purchase a fancy new outfit for his virtual chihuahua. This problem makes Greg add Kritterz Kash onto his wish list for Christmas.[1]

Cabin Fever59.2

When the weekend approaches, Greg plans on playing Net Kritterz but Susan makes him change his plans and invite Rowley over as the amount of time he plays that game was unhealthy and he needed to socialise with a real life person.[2] Later, Susan enters Greg's room while he was playing Net Kritterz and watched him play for a while. She then asked Greg what he was doing in the game and he replied saying he was watching ads to get 20 tokens and asked her to hand 10 bucks so he could buy trampoline shoes for his pet chihuahua. This made Susan mad and she informed him that if he wanted to pay for his Net Kritterz obsession, it was gonna have to come out of his own pocket. That lead to Greg shovelling peoples driveways for money.[3]

Cabin Fever105
Cabin Fever161

Greg starts getting alerts on his Net Kritterz account of the mood meter of his pet decreasing and he begs Susan for some cash just to bring back the meter to calm but she wouldn't yield, saying that he shouldn't expect money to buy Christmas gifts for the family either.[4] A blizzard starts and normally that would be a good opportunity for Greg to play Net Kritterz but his account is locked as Susan thought it would be a good idea to teach Manny Heffley to use the computer by playing Net Kritterz on his account. Manny traded all of the accounts items for tokens and drained it on the Kritters Kasino and Greg can't even play the game now as he changed the password locking the account. To make matters worse for Greg the company keeps sending him emails reminding him to get back on the site when there's nothing he can do.[5]

Animated films[]

In Greg's room, there's a Net Kritterz poster that makes multiple cameos throughout the films.


Cabin Fever45

The basic idea of Net Kritterz is that the player has to take care of a pet and keep it content. If they do the player earns tokens which they can use to buy clothes and furniture for the pet. If you stop getting the pet new stuff the pet looks sad manipulating the player into carrying on playing. This tactic seems to work on players such as Greg as he once played on a weekend for sixteen hours without even taking a break to go to the bathroom. There is other options to earn tokens such as selling your items and watching two hours of ads a day. After the player earns a certain amount of tokens you can't obtain anymore, forcing you to spend real money to maintain your pets mood meter. With the tokens the player earns they can gamble them on the Kritterz Kasino for presumably items for the pet all of which differing in quality. Other than that not too much is known about the gameplay but it is probably similar to real-life other virtual pet games such as Neopets and Webkinz.

Known in-game content[]


  • Kritterz Kash

Feels (Mood Meter)[]

  • Queasy
  • Agitated
  • Snazzy
  • Calm



  • It is unknown how Manny changed the password without knowing the original password, as most sites require also the original password to make a new one. Additionally, Manny would also need to access Greg's email in order to verify himself. It is also unknown why Greg did not reset the password.
    • However, a possible explanation for the first part would be that Greg saved his password on the computer.
      • Another explanation is (at least in the way it's drawn by Greg) that there is only a username and no password, as there is only one log-in box. However, that would be unlikely as other users might be able to see your username.
  • Net Kritterz is a parody of Webkinz (Might also be a parody to neopets.)
  • The fact that the Kritterz die if you do not play for a certain time is also a reference to Webkinz, because from 2005-2015, the pets got sick if you are offline for a long time.




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