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You smell like a dirty diaper. P.U.!
Nasty Pants to Frank Heffley and Robert Jefferson

Nasty Pants is a minor antagonist in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series who used to 'bully' Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson when they were going through his neighborhood. He appears in Cabin Fever and Wrecking Ball.


Cabin Fever[]

Nasty Pants regularly chases Greg and Rowley with a stick when they go through his neighborhood on the way to school. This harassment continues to the point that they start taking a long route to escape his bullying. When they tell Vice Principal Roy about it, he said he can't help because Nasty doesn't go to their school. Greg complains to Frank Heffley, who tells him the story of how he confronted his own bully. Though he doesn't think he would be any match against Nasty Pants, Greg thinks that confrontation is a good idea and enlists the help of Rowley and his father, and they go to Nasty Pants's house together.

When Nasty Pants himself answers the door, Greg and Rowley make a run for it, though the adults are confused and don't realize that the boy is Nasty Pants at first. Nasty Pants' mother explains that he is only five years old and that he sometimes gets wound up a little. On the way home, Frank becomes mad at his son for getting 'bullied' by a kindergartner, though Greg defends himself by saying that when someone chases you with a stick, you don't stop and ask how old they are.

Wrecking Ball[]

Nasty Pants is seen at the Heffleys' moving away party, meaning one of his parents, or both, must know Frank or Susan.


  • It is said in the online version that he has a group of thugs who hang out with him in the woods. This hints that he was not meant to be a five-year-old in the book series.




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