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Nana Heffley (known as Grammie Heffley in Wimpy Wonderland) was the wife of Grandpa Heffley, the mother of Frank Heffley, Joe Heffley and Gary Heffley, and the mother-in-law of Susan Heffley. Like her husband, she lived in Leisure Towers (apartment 10A). She died at some point prior to the book series, leaving Grandpa a widower.


Cabin Fever[]

Possibly her first visual appearance in the book series was in Cabin Fever during flashback to Frank's childhood when the parents were confronting Mr. Staples about Billy Staples's actions. She might've been the woman standing next to Frank.

Old School[]

When Frank was in middle school, he and his friend Giles would raid the kitchen drawer for silverware and stashed their loot all over the neighborhood. When Nana realized her forks and knives were missing, she made the boys dig them all up and bring them back.

Double Down[]

It is confirmed that she died when Greg was younger. Susan tells Greg that Nana always watches over him from Heaven. Greg feels bad for Nana, because she only knew him as a little kid where he was often rude to her. Greg mentions that she used to work as a waitress.


  • She might be Uncle Charlie's sister.
  • Although Nana never appears in the present in the books, her name, phone number, and address can be seen in the Heffley family's phone book in Wimpy Wonderland on Poptropica.
  • Early on in the series, it was already presumed that she and Grandpa were divorced and/or that she passed away before the events of the series, since Grandpa is single and lives alone (and dated a widow named Darlene in Hard Luck), as well as the fact that she was not present at her son Gary's wedding to Sonja in The Ugly Truth.
  • Like Greg's Grandpa, it's pretty much unknown what her actual name was.

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