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Mysterious Malta was a school project that Greg had to do for his country research project. He did not choose Malta for his country; instead, he was assigned it randomly after not getting his choice of country which was Italy. It appeared in The Meltdown.[1]

Greg did no research and made it by guessing on the day it was due and because of this, he had to redo it because it's wrong. He had to dress for the project like he was from the country, which he did by putting on random clothes from the lost and found. He also had to have food from the country, which he did by buying random foods from the cafeteria. When people came to visit the showcase (mostly kids from the elementary school and parents of the middle schoolers), Greg discovered that was some kid in his grade had parents that happen to be originally from Malta. When the Maltese-couple came by to see Greg's project, they clearly weren't happy to see how their home country was presented.

After a bunch of students at the International Showcase got into a huge fight (basically a riot), Greg figured he'd be off the hook, but he was ultimately forced to redo the project.



Greg started the project in November, but all it had was "Mysterious Mal". The trifold contains the title, a flag with an "M", and various sections. However, the flag consists of two white and red vertical stripes, with a George Cross (which was awarded to Malta) in the top-left.


It says, "somewhere near Russia", and it has a map of Asia with a question mark over parts of China, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. In reality, Malta is off the coast of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea.


It has a picture of a horse, a car, and two feet.


Greg's depiction of the Malta flag is a plain sheet with a large letter "M" printed in the middle. The actual flag of Malta is bicolor; half is white, and half is red. On the white half, there is a cross located to the top left.


It has a picture of a sun and a rainy cloud; however, Malta has a Mediterranean climate.


This section includes drawings of an ear of corn, two bottle caps, and a pair of paperclips. Malta, being a part of the European Union, uses the Euro.

Malta Facts[]

  • Malta has the same number of letters as "fudge".
  • No United States presidents were born in Malta.


Greg puts together a "meal" composed of a hotdog sausage and two asparagus rolled inside a piece of meatloaf.


Greg wears boots, shorts, a winter jacket with a hood, gloves, and sunglasses. He found these random items in his school's Lost & Found. He was hot from the jacket, since the school had the furnace on at full blast.


  • The map that Greg drew has many errors in it.
    • The Mesopotamian, Levantine, and Peninsular Arab countries are all portrayed as united into their respective regions.
    • China appears to have annexed Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.
    • India appears to have annexed Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh.
    • Vietnam appears to have annexed Laos.
    • Turkey, Africa (including the Sinai Peninsula which is often considered part of Asia), the Caucasus countries, Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, sections of the Russian Far East and Europe are all missing from the map.
  • In order to get the visiting children from ignoring his project, Greg attempts to speak in Maltese. Although, the only thing he says is "¿Qué?", the Spanish word for "What?".




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