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My Zoo-Wee-Vacation! is a homework assignment by Rowley Jefferson set around the time of Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules. It is 1:31 minutes long.


Rowley Jefferson here. I'm looking forward to going back to school, but to be honest you, I don't know things ended up LAST year.

Rowley, can you put me in your cartoon?


I wanna be the one that says "Zoo-Wee Mama!"

Zoo-wee mama!

I'm just glad I'm gonna be in the same class as my best friend in the WHOLE wide world, Greg Heffley.

I spent the whole summer vacationing with my mom and dad. We went to Thailand, North Pole, South Africa, China, New Zealand and Australia!

Hmmhmm. Have you ever noticed this freckle?

Greg says it's hard for him to get excited about other people's vacations.

Hippos, giraffes, and even a lion attacking a gazelle!

Did you see a spider fighting a Great White Shark?

No.. and spiders don't fight sharks.

At the Insane Adventure Action Park, they do. That's where I went this summer.

But this year, I got a DIARY, so I can write down all my feelings just like Greg! I showed it to him last week.

We can call ourselves "The Diary Twins"!

What were you THINKING?!

Maybe, I should just keep this in here.