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Ms. Pritchard is a Geometry teacher at Larry Mack Junior Middle School who appears in No Brainer.

During her classes, Ms. Pritchard isn't concerned about teaching the subject and she uses her smart board to encourage students to determine which dog breed she should get.[1] Later during a Geometry exam, Ms. Pritchard catches Adam Katz cheating in plain sight by looking at the math equations that he wrote on his water bottle sticker.[2] After the school dismisses one of the nurses, Ms. Pritchard has to spend an entire period applying bandages onto students who got afflicted by a paper cut.[3]

During the staff meeting, Mrs. Shelburn gripes about Ms. Pritchard receiving a brand new computer instead of her; this causes them both to brawl, having to be separated in front of everyone. Greg attempts to resolve the grievance by instructing them to split the laptop in half but they both actually listen and break it in half.[4] After the school is being scheduled to close, Ms. Pritchard completely gives up on teaching Geometry and utilizes her smart board to organize her future.[5]





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