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Ms. Masie is the librarian and the most popular teacher in Greg Heffley's school. She appears in No Brainer.

Last year, the school employed Ms. Masie as another school librarian and she packed the shelves with a ton of graphic novels that she had purchased. The most popular of these was Commando Crocodile and Ms. Masie struggled to retain the books on shelves despite how many copies she purchased. One day, a parent filed a complaint about the crocodile being naked and so to please them, Ms. Masie drew clothes on him.[1]

However, the parents continued discovering further books that contained naked animals in them and the complaints were never ending. Eventually, Ms. Masie gave up and included all the challenged books in the back room, now requiring a permission slip to book.[2] Later, the school reduces Ms. Masie's working hours from full-time to three days a week in order to economice.[3] At the PTA auction, one of the prizes up was lunch with Ms. Masie and she receives a ton of bids due to her being so favored by the students.[4]


  • Ms. Masie's creation of the graphic novel section contradicts Cabin Fever, where it's said that a different librarian named Mrs. Schneiderman was the one who originally created it. It's unclear if this is a retcon or an inconsistency on Jeff Kinney's part.




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