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Mrs. Tuttle is the Heffley's next-door neighbor and elderly woman whose house Rodrick Heffley and his bandmates toilet-papered because she complained to the police that they were too loud. She is mentioned in The Long Haul and its film adaptation before physically appearing in Wrecking Ball.


The Long Haul[]

While playing the card game I Must Confess during a road trip, Rodrick wins when Susan Heffley draws a card for toilet-papering someone's house and explains how they toilet-papered Mrs. Tuttle's house and the circumstances around it. After learning of this, Susan Heffley makes Frank pull over while Rodrick is forced to call Mrs. Tuttle and apologize.[1]

Wrecking Ball[]

During the construction of an extension to the Heffleys' house Kitchen, not only was it built too close to Mrs. Tuttle's house by three feet, but her flowerbed was both trampled over by the construction workers and accidentally poured over with concrete.[2]

The Long Haul (film)[]

In the Long Haul film, Rodrick confesses to doing something like that just to win the game like in the book, but without as much specific details about the incident. Susan not only makes Rodrick apologize to Mrs. Tuttle, but also agree to do some chores for her as compensation. Additionally, it was not an actual card like in the book, but a made-up one by Frank after Greg took the game in another direction by making one up to trick his brother into confessing something that he got Greg in trouble for.


  • As her name wasn't stated, it is unknown whether the elderly woman mentioned in the film was actually Mrs. Tuttle just like in the book.




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