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Mrs. Selsam is the mother of Maddox Selsam and the secondary antagonist of Double Down. She is probably either wealthy or gives in to any LEGO purchase her son Maddox wants, because either way, she buys her son any LEGO sets that he wants, and her son owns many expensive LEGO sets.

She first appears when she and Maddox bring Greg's balloon back to him. Susan invited Mrs. Selsam and Maddox inside and Maddox went up to Greg's room. When Greg starts to play video games, Mrs. Selsam runs in the room and shuts off his computer because Maddox had never seen video games before, which was why he was acting 'animated'. Sometime later, Greg and Susan went to Mrs. Selsam's house and just when they were about to leave, Maddox claimed that Greg stole a piece of LEGO. Mrs. Selsam and Maddox searched Greg for the LEGO piece, but with no luck.


Mrs. Selsam is quite thin and she wears a black shirt with a stripy skirt and sandals. She has round glasses and short, curly hair which appears to be blonde.


Mrs. Selsam appears to want best for her son. It is likely that the reason that she doesn't let him play video games and not have a TV in her house is because she wants Maddox to be 'healthy'. Mrs. Selsam also spoils Maddox, buying him any LEGO set that he wants.