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Mrs. Podsner is a cafeteria lady at Larry Mack Junior Middle School who accidentally invented Fudgedogs. She appears in No Brainer.

While discarding many of the uneaten tofu hot dogs arisen from an unpopular menu change, one of them bounced off into a vat of hot fudge, mixed for the ice cream sundae's bar. After tasting it out of curiosity, Mrs. Podsner knew she had invented a new food type and just a few days later, Fudgedogs were launched. Cafeteria sales immediately increased by 60% due to Fudgedogs and Mrs. Mancy held a recognition assembly to Mrs. Podsner for it. Since Fudgedogs were so popular around school, some kids from Slacksville attempted to steal the recipe however luckily Mrs. Podsner caught them while working late producing a new batch.[1]

After Mr. Bottoms restricts Fudgedogs to only one and a half per day, Mrs. Podsner creates a new recipe which includes the extra Fudgedogs halves.[2] After Greg Heffley introduces Fudgedogs to Slacksville Middle School, the state patents the recipe so they can no longer serve Fudgedogs. Recently, Mrs. Podsner has been trying out some new recipes but nothing has worked.[3]




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