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Mrs. Moretta is a teacher at Westmore Middle School who taught the ballroom dancing unit for Phys Ed. She appears during The Third Wheel.[1]

To ensure that he doesn't end up with Ruby Bird as his dance partner, Greg takes the precaution of writing a note to Mrs. Moretta, kindly requesting not to be paired with her. To make sure she takes his request seriously, he cleverly includes part of a candy bar he had been saving as an incentive.[2]

Fortunately, Mrs. Moretta honors Greg's request and doesn't pair him with Ruby. However, this leaves Greg as one of the boys without a dance partner. Initially, the boys are excited, thinking they won't have to participate in the dance. However, Mrs. Moretta intervenes and insists that they all must take part. She then proceeds to pair up the remaining boys with each other, and Greg finds himself partnered with Carlos Escalera.[3]




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