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Mrs. Mancy is the former principal of Larry Mack Middle School. She has a minor but recurring role throughout the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, though she is only seen physically in The Last Straw, the online book and No Brainer.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]

First alluded to in the very first book of the series, Greg claims that Susan (his mother) is close friends with the principal at his middle school -- taking this into consideration, Greg figures that his mom must've pulled some strings to get him placed in his English class's advanced reading group after he purposely tried doing as poorly as possible to get put into the easy group.

The Last Straw[]

During Valentine's Dance, she tells the students that they are required to come down to the dance floor and dance and that it would count for 20% of their Phys Ed grades. She walks around with Mr. Underwood as he grades the students.

The Ugly Truth[]

After Greg accidentally triggers the fire alarm which brought the police over, she mentioned in the loudspeaker that whoever caused the false alarm was going to be suspended and the culprit should turn themselves in. This later caused a rumor that the alarm sprayed a liquid to detect the culprit, and none of the students washed their hands afterwards. The principal had to shut the school down early, as they were in flu season.

Cabin Fever[]

When Greg talks about the bullying situation, she is first mentioned being among the adults who called Cody Johnson "Dookie" after he had accidentally stepped into some dog poop one day at recess when he and Greg were in kindergarten.

When a recess monitor named Mrs. Lahey catches some kids drinking Rowdy Riot energy drinks that they had bought from another student, she threatens to report them to the principal if they don't pour their drinks out.

The Third Wheel[]

After a toilet paper fight occurs in the cafeteria, Mrs. Mancy makes an announcement that students will be allowed to bring no more than five squares of toilet paper to school.

The Meltdown[]

When kids started trying to find as much food as they could in worry, even food from the Science Fair, the principal calls an early dismissal, because she was about to have a riot on her hands.

No Brainer[]

Due to the recent low-test scores, Mrs. Mancy gets fired by the school's superintendent and is replaced by Mr. Bottoms.[1] When the school's cafeteria sales increased due to Fudgedogs, Mrs. Mancy held a recognition assembly to Mrs. Podsner for inventing the recipe.[2] During the previous school live auctions, Greg recalls that pupils would go bonkers for the prize of getting Mrs. Mancy to osculate a pig.[3]

Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid[]

When Mr. Hardy whispers Rowley his grade, which was a C, Greg stood up and said that Rowley was the only kid that did work, and he was a terrible teacher, and someone should report him to Mrs Mancy. After that Mr. Hardy changed Rowley's grade to a B.

Rodrick Rüles (2022 film)[]

Mrs. Mancy is briefly seen at Rodrick Heffley's party, laying down on the ground when Greg sees the aftermath of the party. She leaves after Greg rickrolls the entire house.[4]

She also is the announcer of the Talent Show in which she adjusts the mic before the show starts.[5]



Rodrick Rüles (2022 film)[]

No Brainer[]