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Mrs. Lackey was Greg Heffley's Social Studies teacher who appears in No Brainer.

During her final year at Larry Mack Middle School, Mrs. Lackey only teaches about countries she and her husband plan on visiting after retirement. One of her homework assignments involves her students researching the cruise ship with the best meal plan.[1]

There are no male teachers in the B wing, so when things get out of hand in the boy's B wing bathroom, Mrs. Lackey has to step in, which turned out to be futile because she had to be blindfolded so she didn't break bathroom privacy rules.[2]

After Mr. Frum resigns, the school dismantles the classroom wall so Mrs. Lackey can teach both classes simultaneously.[3] When the school installs the Cleaning robot as the new janitor, Mrs. Lackey utilizes it by bringing in trash from home.[4] Later, she is seen stomping on a pack of potato chips that a student brought because Blisterin' Hot Chips had bought the exclusive deal to the snacks.[5]


Mrs. Lackey leaves to head off on a cruise with her husband to the Bahamas.

During the weekly staff meeting, Mrs. Lackey gripes about not being able to park closer to the building until her stapler gets snatched by Mr. Ball.[6] After the school shuts down due to the poor standardized exam results, Mrs. Lackey is excited to retire and depart on a cruise ship with her husband.[7]




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