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Mrs. Hills (known as Mrs. Matthews in the online book)is the mother of Holly and Heather Hills and the wife of Mr. Hills. Her first name is unrevealed. She is played by Emily Holmes in the film adaptations of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.


Rodrick Rules (2011 film)[]

She is first seen entering church with her husband and Holly. She is next seen horrified when she sees chocolate (which she thinks is poop) on Greg Heffley's pants. She then screams when he licks it to prove it was chocolate. She is last seen attending the talent show with Holly and Mr. Hills.

The Last Straw[]

Greg tries to call Holly but Susan Heffley picks up the phone to make a call and answers when Mrs. Hills picks up. It takes them a few seconds to realize what happened, but they start chatting like nothing happened. Greg stays on the line until the conversation shifts to him, at which point he puts the phone down and goes to sleep.

Dog Days (film)[]

She is seen at Heather's party and is surprised when the band, Löded Diper, starts singing "Baby". She is horrified when the angered Heather Hills attempts to attack Rodrick Heffley with a microphone but ends up hitting the chocolate fountain, splattering chocolate all over her and her friend.


She works at church fundraisers with Susan Heffley, which is why Greg Heffley knows Mrs. Matthews's phone number.