Mrs. Graziano
Mrs. Graziano
Name Mrs. Graziano
Age 50s-70s
Gender Female
Actor None
Film Appearance? No
Online Appearance? No
Book Appearance? Yes

Mrs. Graziano is one of the school's music teachers. She made her first appearance in Old School and her latest appearance in Double Down.

In Old School, she goes to Hardscrabble Farms on the school's field trip and states that she has been doing so for nineteen years. She appeared to be the coordinator of the field trip because she lectured the kids about the guidelines and had the chaperones to search their bags. Greg and his cabin-mates accidentally swiped hers when they raid the girls' cabin during the trip.

In Double Down, she is shown to be the supervisor of the school's band club. Greg states the band sounds not all that great and that Mrs. Graziano is likely annoyed by the band as she has been the music teacher for 30 years. It is stated she is planning to retire the next year and that she has already given up on the band due to this. She apparently doesn't tolerance flatulence, as shown when Grayden Bundy is blamed for Greg’s fart noise while playing his French Horn.



  • Frank once told Greg that he used to study in her class.


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