Mrs. Craig



Name Mrs. Craig
Age 20's-30's
Gender Female
Actor None
Film Appearance? No
Online Appearance? Yes
Book Appearance? Yes

Mrs. Craig is a teacher in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. She first appears in the first book, and makes another appearance in the third book.


Role in Diary of a Wimpy Kid

She only appears in one part where she catches Greg and Rowley listening to Rock and Roll music. She takes the music player away, saying that Rock and Roll would ruin their brains.

Role in The Last Straw

She returns in The Last Straw where she thinks someone stole her dictionary and leaves Patty in charge and the next day, Patty is sick and puts Alex Aruda in charge. It turns out he took her dictionary to learn words for a state spelling bee and Corey Lamb who took the book too put it on the table was mistaken as the thief when she walked in the room.

Role in the Online Version

In the online book, she wasn't Greg's English teacher, but a recess monitor who caught Greg and Rowley with a walkman. In this version the English teacher of Greg and his class is Mrs. Jordan.



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