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Mrs. Canfield is one of Gramma's neighbors who appears in Dog Days. She is the only person to hire the V.I.P Lawn Service to mow her lawn.

Mrs. Canfield calls Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson with the intent of hiring them and asks for references. When Greg is unsuccessful at getting Gramma to commend him, he calls Mrs. Canfield and manages to fool her by pretending to be Gramma and praising them. After thanking Gramma, she calls Greg back, hires them, and drives over in her son's pickup truck to pick them up when Greg states that they need transportation.

After she arrives, she asks Greg and Rowley where their lawn mowing equipment is, to which Greg replies that they'll get it from Gramma's house. Mrs. Canfield drives them to her house, where Greg mows the lawn after Rowley storms off. When Greg asks her to pay, she refuses because he had barely mowed any of her lawn, as Greg had mowed ten-foot circles around dog poop and anything suspicious. She doesn't change her mind after Greg tells her about the V.I.P. Lawn Service's dog poop policy and refuses to provide him transportation.

When Greg complains to his father after walking home, he drives to Mrs. Canfield's house and finishes mowing her lawn without asking for any money. As he finishes up, Greg plants a sign advertising the V.I.P. Lawn Service on her lawn.

Greg suspects that Mrs. Canfield has been bad mouthing him to her neighbors after he stops getting business later on.[1]


  • Given estimates made based off of illustrations of her, Mrs. Canfield is most likely between 4'9" (144.78 cm) and 4'10" (147.32 cm) tall. However, this is entirely conjecture, as her height has never been stated definitively within the series.
  • Mrs. Canfield lives on Bacon Street, where Gramma also lives.




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