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Mrs. Birch is an adviser and teacher in charge of the Student Council at Westmore Middle School in The Third Wheel.

She makes her first appearance when she and Vice Principal Roy catches the class officers skipping the meetings because of recess.[1]

When Eugene Ellis won the presidency, he issued his campaign to replace the bathroom's toilet paper with expensive ones, but Mrs. Birch said that the school couldn't afford to fill up every bathroom with it which angered the entire school.[2] But during one meetings, Javan Hill discovers some ultra soft toilet paper in the teachers lounge, she came to a proposal where students are allowed to bring in their own toilet papers from home.[3] When the student council were brainstorming ideas for a fundraiser, Hillary Pine and the Fundraising Committee turned Eugene's Motocross/wrestling event idea into a Valentine's Day Dance. The boys wanted to change it back but Mrs. Birch told them the decision was final and had to respect it. But Greg Heffley suspects Mrs. Birch wasn't too keen on bringing motorized vehicles in the gym.[4]


  • Mrs. Birch may also be related to Stephen Birch because they have the same last name.




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