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Mr. Watson lecturing his class in the online book

Mr. Watson (known as Mr. Peters in the online book) is a teacher who has Greg Heffley in his sixth-period class. He appears in The Last Straw.

When someone starts taking the snacks Greg normally eats during lunch, he starts having trouble staying awake during his afternoon classes. He drifts off during Mr. Watson's class, but snaps awake when his head hits the back of his chair.[1] A few days later, he falls asleep and has to be shaken awake by Mr. Watson, who makes him sit in the front of the room as a punishment. Greg sleeps in his seat and doesn't wake up until the next period starts.[2]

In the online book, it is specified that he once had Rodrick and Frank Heffley in his class, the former of which explains that he would put everyone to sleep. Greg guesses that Mr. Peters could be around 100 years old (which is likely an exaggeration). He plays the same role as he does in the books.


  • It's possible that Mr. Watson is related to Bill Watson, as they both have the same last name.




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