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Mr. Washington is one of the remaining three janitors at Greg Heffley's school. He is known in Big Shot and No Brainer.


Big Shot[]

Prior to Field Day, Mr. Washington and the rest of the janitors argue to Vice Principal Roy that they should be allowed to participate as well, since they deserve a day off as much as any of the students. Vice Principal Roy assents, and the janitors promptly begin training for Field Day.[1]

During the middle of the Field Day competition, the janitors' team begins moving up in the rankings, though they fail to secure the top spot after Mr. Washington's arms give out during the wheelbarrow race.[2]

After Field Day ends with the lunch ladies' victory, Greg Heffley is apprehensive, as he has heard that Mr. Washington and the janitors will have to fill in for them during lunch, though the situation is averted when Vice Principal Roy decides to give everyone a day off due to the controversy that would've arisen.

No Brainer[]

Mr. Washington is one of the few janitors to not get superseded by the Cleaning robot. He later makes a cameo playing cards with the remaining janitors.[3] While Greg is Principal of the Day, he accedes to Mr. Washington and the other janitor's working demands in order to induce them into doing a plumbing repair.[4]


  • It's possible that Mr. Washington is related to Darnell Washington or Mr. Washington from the online book, the online counterparts of Darren Walsh and Mr. Alexander respectively, since they have the same last names. However, this is unlikely, as the two are online versions of characters who later appear in the books under different names.




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