Mr. Underwood
Mr. Underwood
Name Mr. Underwood
Age 30's-40's
Gender Male
Actor Andrew McNee
Film Appearance? Yes (as Coach Malone)
Online Appearance? Yes
Book Appearance? Yes

Mr. Underwood is Greg's Physical Education teacher. He has a very little role in the first book, teaching the students a wrestling unit. His role in The Last Straw was a minor but important appearance, where he was walking with the principal Mrs. Mancy to mark the students' dancing abilities as 20% of their P.E. grades. In Cabin Fever, he was also shown during a push-up test. In The Third Wheel, he is shown being bitten by Ruby Bird. In the film, he is known as Coach Malone.



  • In the film, he is known as Coach Malone.
  • He could be retired, as he hasn't appeared in a book since The Third Wheel.
  • He rarely smiles, like Greg.


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