Mr. Snella
Mr Snella
Name Unspecified Snella
Age Unknown, probably 30's or 40's
Gender Male
Actor None
Film Appearance? No
Online Appearance? Yes (as Mr. Smedley)
Book Appearance? Yes

Mr. Snella (Mr. Smedley in online book) is the father of the Snella Brothers and husband of Mrs. Snella, he has half-birthday parties of his babies and makes the adults try to get the baby to laugh, the main reason he does is that he will make the adults do wacky things and record them and send them to America's Funniest Families. He also appeared in the first book when his son Shane Snella went to Greg and Rowley's haunted house and freaked out there. In the Ugly Truth it was revealed he and his family moved away hinting that the Snella family will never come back. Their house was later taken by Mr. Alexander after they moved away.


  • He has short curly hair and also has a long nose with round ends and he also has a moustache and he wears a buttoned collar shirt and trousers as his formal dress, he always has a camera in his hand on half-birthday parties trying to find any material to send. He is also very short and when Shawn Snella told Greg he wants to become a basket-ball player, Greg mocked him and said that none of his parents are taller then the height of 5"2. He appears to be slightly shorter then his wife, however The Ugly Truth shows him to be taller then her.



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